Sunday, February 15


hope you had a

we did.
friday we headed to my parents, like we do most fridays.   luke had a meeting with surfrider, who he is working with for his big project for school.  and the girls and i, hmm, what did we do? i don't know.  oh, i remember, they took naps and i went to the gym. i meet up with an old friend mr treadmill. it was not so long ago we had a great on and off relationship- depending on what sport i was into and how fat i felt. i remember running so hard on the very same machine that sweat would fling off my knees and onto the window in front of me. bumping the speed numbers up past 9 was not a problem back then, it was fun. and friday? well, i ran 3.5 miles bumped it up to a 8 for a bit and had to go back down a few minutes later. my ankle didn't hurt too bad but had a sore knee after, just because it is not used to running these days. must work on that.
anyways, back to valentines day. when i got home it was sugar cookie decorating time. i think the original idea was that we would play with the girls and let them decorate, but this idea was thrown out the window when we discovered how much more fun it is to decorate cookies without little girls around. it didn't last long ivy a.k.a. little chef had to help- she is really, really into cooking these days and has acquired new nickname.

at some point we made valentines too- velz ever wrote "XO" on some, but i of course erased the good picture of it on accident.

valentines dinner was soooo good. the traditional valentines meal consists of: spare ribs, twice baked potatoes, peas and eclairs for dessert. yummers. no pictures of the food or cookies, i was too busy stuffing my face.  good thing i went to the gym.

saturday we went down to crescent to walk around the tide pools. velzy and ivy were so happy to be at the beach, ivy was so happy she sat herself down in the tidepool and scooped up handfulls of water to drink. i love tidepools.
these three have stolen my heart
so so happy
almost a legitimate barrel
"run for your life!"
velzy and her grandma, bff
we were talking about mermaids and dolphins that live there
sometimes ivy humors me and lets me help her
EB- need i say more?
ivy, on time out for throwing a rock and hitting a kid in the head.
after all that fun it was on to in-n-out for lunch, back the the billings for a haircut from brynn, and back to the ever so lovely and a bit cold inland empire.  hope everyone had a great weekend.


liko said...

looks like a lot of fun! someday i will run like that. someday soon, hopefully. and i love all the pictures. fun to see what's going on over there with you all.

Robyn said...

What a great Valentine's Day! I must say your mom makes the best sugar cookies with the yummiest frosting. Your dad is hilarious too. And very nice too. He rocked Jenna to sleep a couple of weeks ago at church so I could listen during Sunday School since Dave was gone. So nice!

What a beautiful day at the beach. Your girls are so pretty and are growing up too fast. Good job on the treadmill. I usually stay in the 6's but someday I'll reach 8?? Not! I'll save that for Melinda.

Melissa said...

I'll I keep thinking is that it's so weird to see you guys all dressed up in cold weather clothes...that is something I am not used to seeing!

looks like you guys had a blast! Good for you for running on the treadmill. I however am not a fan, I must run outside or I wont' run at all. But maybe I should try it once, just to see how fast i can go. That might be fun.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

your description of running made me miss it so bad!!! maybe when we move back to laie next month i will attempt some light jogging but maybe i'll just have to wait it out until this baby arrives. anyway, i loved all the happy and fun pictures- looks like another great weekend!

tonya said...

Great pics from a fab day, Ash! It was fun to spend time with you guys. Glad you had a fun V-day!