Monday, January 26


friday night was date-night disney with brynn and joseph. we were sort of bummed because luke and i went to california adventure for the first time, and all the rides we wanted to go on were not running.  but disneyland made up for it- gotta love space mountain. don't worry, i kept my arms up the whole ride and how great is brynn's face?
the lines were a little long but it was fun none-the-less- you can't beat a free night at disneyland. i am loving the season passes.

saurday was miss kaia's birthday party. her mom knows how to throw a party- ballon guy, bounce house, super good food. good times. 
the balloon guy was sort of amazing. i am going to learn how to make these mermaids:
we had a mellow sunday and finished the weekend off watching this movie:
go rent it, now.  it ruled.  and i am not just saying that because i might have a huge crush on luke wilson. it was really, really good.

and this is what we will be doing all week:  
thanks for the wagon lauren, you would not believe how much fun these guys have had with it.


Da Denninghoff's said...

Out of curiousity, how do you get those pictures so Big?

maryam said...

Your camera takes great pictures! No fair. Joseph? Is this a boyfriend???

Jennelle said...

Hey! Brady and I just rented Henry Poole is here this last weekend. We really liked it. I think our favorite part was when Henry threw the stick with the Holy blood on it and the lady crossed herself...ha ha ha we rewound that part like 10 times. I miss D-land I can't wait to get season passes again when we move back!

liko said...

hooray for space mountain and balloon mermaids and wagons!!!

BOWDENS said...

I had a lot of catching up to do with your blog! You have had so much going on this past month. I had no idea you moved to California! We'll have to look you up sometime. Kirk's parents have a cabin up in Lake Arrowhead so we drive through Redlands a couple times a year! Glad you're enjoying your Disney passes!

In.A.Nutshell said...

ok so the close-up of the two of them in the wagon, i'm IN LOVE WITH IT! you know i seriously think of y'all EVERY DAY. the girls are starting to play together more (my girls, that is) and it reminds me SO much of velz and ivy. and then i think, gee, i wish we could play with them ...

so, for now pics will have to do. OH OH, but HILAROIUS story. when i pulled up your blog, add just stared and stared at velz, then started rattling off names. "J?"







"nope, still not J."

long pause. more staring.

"oh ... VELZY!!!!! VELZY momma VELZY!"

yep, that's how it happened.

JulieAbundo said...

Wow, I think I missed something too. I love the mermaid and I'm wishing I could go to Disney Land. Looks like you are having a blast. Now I've gotta put that movie on my list.

Melissa said...

I haven't even heard of that movie yet...I'm so out of the movie loop these days. I will be renting it for sure! thanks!

the little bikini on that mermaid is hilarious! you should definitely learn to make those.

that's the Kaia that Velzy always confused with my Kaiya, no? Tell her happy birthday from the other kaiya ;)!

Melissa said...

also it's weird to see your arm in a sweater.

tonya said...

that mermaid balloon is awesome! i'm so glad you guys are using your Disneyland passes so much. we HAVE to meet up and go soon.

Keli'i and Megan said...

Just letting you know that we rented "Henry Poole" and Keli'i really didn't like it...BUT, I loved it! If it doesn't have guns, blood or some sort of underworld creature, he's not into, so I would say he's an awful movie critic. Luke Wilson was great in it though. Weird to see him in a drama, rather than a comedy. Good suggestion. I remembered it since I saw this post...saw it in the Redbox today at Foodland and said, "Oh, we gotta get it!"