Monday, December 15

wanna go to the beach?

me either.

rain, please go away.  

i will be arriving in california white, and that should be a crime.

and for those of you who don't know (had a few confused commenters) we are moving to redlands california on christmas. we will be there for approximately 11 months, i like to say a year. luke will be attending university of redlands to get a masters and when he is done we will return to hawaii.  our things are not being shipped for us because they luke's employer looks at this as an extended business trip, so we will bring some suitcases filled to the brim, and mooch the rest off of friends and family (consider yourself warned).  good news is that we will be staying in student housing that is furnished, so we don't need a lot.  and that is our story.


Melissa said...

"and that should be a crime"

haha you make me laugh. if it is a crime, I am currently a criminal too.

Poor beach, I've never seen our beaches look so bad. what beach is it?

and not to bother you cause I know your busy me when you need a helping hand.

Melissa said...


ashley said...

yup. the one and only hukilau.

Holladay Photo said...

Nice documentation, I'm going to need to lift a few of these for beachcombers blog (:

Let us know how we can help- moving is always crazy and it's compounded by this flooding, so please call us if you need additional help with anything.

Mahina said...


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh i know youre leaving... dont remind me :(

11 months isnt too bad though, but it seems long too.

anyway, this downer comment is mostly to say that you will be missed and you have friends awaiting your return! :)

liko said...

i know, i was so excited to arrive in oregon BROWN, i guess i am kinda, but not as brown as i can get. i feel your pain. chocolate milk ocean.

In.A.Nutshell said...

hi. i miss the beach too. a lot. i don't really know what to do with myself these days ...

and i can't believe you're leaving in 1 week. i was looking at pics last night and found one of the first time velz and add played together. they were SO tiny!

and 11 months!! do you realize that when you come back i will be pregnant with number 3 (assuming i lose the weight from 1 and 2 by then). can't we be friends when i'm NOT pregnant. jk

wow, l o n g comment. so, let's play ASAP. before 10 and between 11-2 or 3 is best for me. call call call. (or text ... whatever) :)

Amber said...

Hi. You don't know me, but I was directed to your blog by my old BYUH roomie, Laura Skinner who doesn't know you either but was given your blog by someone else. Your pictures of the flood are crazy. So, so sad.

Say hi to Luke for me, please. We lived down the street from each other in Provo for a while. It's good to hear about him and your adorable family. Your girls are gorgeous. (So is your photography.) Ask Luke about Bumpy for me. (Was that his name... I'm forgetting now.)

Amber (Smith) Long

Jen said...

Not exacrly the Hawaii I was dreaming of...I never knew the beaches there could get so...UGH!

That should be the crime.

Missy said...

These pictures make me so sad! How crazy is this?! Glad you guys are safe.