Tuesday, October 14

but i love her:

and i got to be there for this:

and we had fun:

and who doesn't love snuggling with their brothers in an unheated house when it's 40 degrees inside?

i figure every good mormon has to make the pilgrimage to utah every few years right? other than it snowing and me missing my flight home monday morning, it was a pretty good time. it was a nice little vaca from the blondies, and i knew they were in good hands- i almost expected ivy to be potty trained by the time i got home, that is how good of hands they were in.

it really was fun. if it was not so cold, i might have liked utah. it was super great to see friends and family and meet nanc's now husband mike (is that funny to anyone else who is reading this?), to actually go inside the salt lake temple, eat lots of yummy food (especially salvadorian accompanied by colachampan), laugh at how glad i am that i don't have to go to a singles ward, watch it snow, see more friends, have girls day-get nails done, eat thai food, run wedding errands, prance around in...can't tell you that part..., go to the dollar theaters, sleep in (which explains me missing my flight), eat more good food and so on.

i have so many good/funny pictures to post that have been taken since we have been here...but i am too tired going to bed. maybe tomorrow.


CageQueen said...

Nancy looked beautiful!

Kristyn said...

Hey Ashley! This is Kristyn Thacker here, don't know if you remember me from HS, but just wanted to drop a line and say I've been over to your blog a couple of times from Rachel's and finally wanted to come out and say hey there. Your blog is fantastic, and your girls are adorable. And how FUN that you got to see Nancy get married!! Look like such a fun trip! Kay see ya.

Missy said...

So fun! I love weddings and they're even better when of good friends.

How long are you here?

Matti said...

I love your I don't love utah photo at the top. That's pretty much how I feel about Utah. Unfortunately both our families live there so that is where we go for Christmas and get sick every year. We are usually all better when it's about time to go back to Hawaii. Glad you had a good time. Looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Nancy! I love weddings.

Jessica Brown said...

Nancy looks so pretty! I wish we could have been there to see her on her big day! Fun that you got to be there