Monday, September 22

you play, you pay

i guess the old saying it true.  last week we spent a lot of quality time in the water and now i have swimmers ear.  which means it hurts when i smile and eat and my patience level is not where it should be.  which means in my haste to get velzy to take a nap she woke up ivy, who is laying in her crib awake and i am pretending that having cotton ball full of medicine in my ear is preventing me from hearing her.  i am hoping that she falls back asleep (wishful thinking) because they both need their rest as they are snot faces.  lovely. 


liko said...

hope you get better! soon! both my kids had ear troubles last week. but i have these amazing ear drops (that i think they sell over the counter) that kills the germs before it gets any worse. i can't remember what it's called, off the bat, but i will let you know, if you're interested. saves a trip to the doctor. all the swimming and being in the water'll do that.

Mahina said...

ouch! i hate swimmers ear! hope it goes away very quickly!

Smiths said...

I'm so "hasty" about naps most of the time too. If the waves are still really good Micah would recommend silicon ear plugs (and not falling down).