Monday, September 22

"october 4"

she is really really looking forward to this birthday, which makes it exciting.  now i just wish i knew what we were doing.  mermaid party?
i think that might be the plan.  


Keli'i and Megan said...

Hey Ash! Love to take them anytime! Oh, the BBQ/Open House is this Friday...I will probably post it on the blog, but you can come over ANY TIME you like. Especially with the bookmobile out of commission, I am home ALL of the time, which is a great change! Anyway, open house/lots of food on Friday 5ish to 9ish. Come when you can! Definitely bring the girls and Luke, if you like! Totally low key, but lots of fun.

Autumn said...

Mermaid party sounds great, we will be there! Hee! Hee! Turning 3 right?
We did it at the beach, if you want to copy me the invite said- "Come play in the sand down by the sea, Our surfer girl Layne is turning three! (You can say our little mermaid!)
Did it in the morning, so I got buckets w/ shovel at Target 1$ section, put a sprinkle donut, choc milk and bag of fruit. Kids played in sand, was in May so not too hot, moms had donuts, coffee, o.j. and fruit and hung out! I love throwing parties!
Yes, met Lauren, well chit chatted through blog & email, small small world!
OK, long message, sorry!!!
Yes, met Lauren, well chit chat through the blogging world!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

can ambrose come and be a mer-man? i promise to have him shirtless and wearing a tail... or at least one of those things.

In.A.Nutshell said...

whatever it is, we're in.

i can't believe velz is gonna be 3. whoa.

Mahina said...

oh we love october in our house! three birthdays within the first 2 weeks just in our family. add my mom, mitch's mom, and my brother and it is party central. lala is having a teddy bear picnic this year. we are working on that right now. and kawena gets to move to albuquerque on her birthday. good thing she won't know any different!

happy mermaid party! sounds fun!

chanel said...

so fun fun fun!!!!!!
she looks darling with her chain!!

Ben said...

I love that she always looks like she has a swimsuit on from her tan. The white boobs do kind of take me off gaurd though every time.

katie speed said...

Hi there, found ya.... great idea on the mermaid party. how fitting for your little water babies.