Wednesday, April 23

seen & heard

velzy has been using the word "maybe" lately, and it is hysterical.
luke: velzy, where are your slippers?
vz: in the car, maybe?

in the car last weekend:

the girl has hated car seats from day one. for months she has been telling me that her back hurts- "me back hurting!" then "me back hurting more now!" i am not sure if they were excuses to get out of her seat or if it was really causing her pain, but we told her we were going to town to get her a new car seat, later during the ride:
"it hurts my back, i need a new car seat!" what 2 year old says that? needless to say she got a new car seat and now ivy has to deal with the back issues of the old one. good thing she can't talk yet.

seen: velzy walking home to our house carrying a fatty caterpillar on a leaf, oh so carefully.
heard: betsy: velzy, what should we name the caterpillar?
vz: caterpillar name ashley.
so now we have a caterpillar named ashley, whom we are awaiting to turn into a butterfly (pictures soon).

seen: the clock at 5:47 am
heard: velzy yelling: my hair in my eyes, mommy help.

have to add these that i forgot yesterday:

seen: mom with cell phone in hand, speaker phone on
heard: velzy: mommy calling surf report.
she knows me all too well.

heard: connie: where is luke?
me: happy hour.
connie: where is luke?
me: happy hour, i'm not lying. (he had too meet some people from work for happy hour, i thought it was so funny no one believed that's where he was)

seen: luke bringing me his shirt
heard: i spilled margarita on my shirt.


Katie said...

Velzy sounds like a riot!

Mahina said...

i love the words that kids pick up on from the adults around them.

lala is the talker in our family and she has some very funny things she says. some of my favorites are when we ask her a question and she starts her answer with "well (pronounced "whale")" all drawn out! the other one that gets us everytime is when she says, "actually..." we just crack up! the best is when she combines the two!

chanel said...

soo cute! im updating with things my kids say....its the best, I can't believe how similar our experiences are- we have car seat issues & we're "growing" caterpillars, cause we don't find them on leaves around here, but waiting for them to turn into a butterflies is cause for true excitement.

Kristen said...

I've done that! But when I yelled, no one came...


Missy said...

I love the last one! Hair in her eyes. I really hope she went back to sleep, but if it were my Avery she probably wouldn't...

Whitney said...


I don't know if i am supposed to reply to your question on my blog or on yours so i will answer on yours so you are sure to get it. Those are not my paintings that are on my blog header, but i love them too. That is the style i am after though,and i am doing my own paintings, and trying to make them that cute.

Your girls are adorable. I want to play with Velzy...she seems so fun and cute.

Molly Malia said...

velzy the sweet talker.

Luke said...

*ahem* margarita, thank you very much.

and it was delicious!

Melissa said...

lol--those are funny!!