Thursday, April 17

punched by a longboard

remember this post about a guy named luke (who happens to be the most accident prone surfer ever and my husband) being punched by the reef? he still talks about how many comments he got on that post (27 in case your wondering), and feels really cool because of it. he must have been having some self esteem issues early this morning because while we were out surfing some really fun, long, glassy, overhead waves at sunset point with only two other people out, he went and got himself hit in the side of his face with his board and paddled in with a bloody ear. luckily, his ear drum didn't burst, but will once again be out of the water for a little while. poor guy.

on a happier note- i can't stop smiling after watching "the office" tonight. sooooo good. thank you jim for being the best character on television (ok, i only watch the office so i might not be qualified to say that, but i am sure i am right).


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ivy!!!
Okay, you have so many comments all the time it's crazy! So sorry Luke, I don't think it's necessarily him that brings them. That sucks though that he's such a clumsy surfer. At least he's cool once he's on the board.
I'm so mad I missed the Office last night! I'm not used to having it be back on yet.

Mahina said...

we love the office here in our house! jim rocks! i love how he got down on his knee to tie his shoe and paused...! we were laughing!

hope luke has a quick recovery so he can get back out in the water!

Jen C. said...

Awww, poor Luke. You've got to stop hurting yourself!

The Office was AWESOME last night. I loved when they were walking to the car and he dropped to his knee, to tie his shoe! Trickster!

The Grahams said...

I totally freaked out when i thought jim was going to propose just like that! we definitely love the office in our home!

Molly Malia said...

oh luke, not the best of luck lately huh?
sorry to hear about it. hope that you get better soon!

Holladay Photo said...

hi! i need to get your tres olas shirt- baby size. can i buy it tomorrow offline? thanks!

Smiths said...

I missed this weeks Office. Thanks for rubbing it in. Just kidding (that's what she said)
That's too bad about Lukes ear. I had to quit trying to visualize the wave and beauty of the session long enough to get sad. I'm jonesing bad.

BOWDENS said...

Ok, the office really is the best show on television! I love Jim...I just hope that Pam says yes! Happy Birthday to Ivy! One year old is a big birthday, especially in Hawaii!!
Oh, and sorry about Luke. Blood in the water still frieks me out!

Katie said...

I love the Office too! So glad Jim and Pam are finally together!