Monday, March 10

super-duper amazingly yummy salad recipe

1 bag of fiesta salad mix from costco
chicken- boiled, shredded, bathed in bbq sauce then placed in a container to chill in the fridge for one bag i use 4-5 of the tenderloins
corn- from the can, from the cob, whatever.
black beans, from the can, drained
avocado chunks (didn't use these, but they would be delish)

how to:
open bag of salad mix take out bag of extra goodies and place salad stuffs in large bowl. take out the dressing from the bag of extra goodies and pour on the salad and mix. remove chicken from fridge and container and place on top of salad. on top of that put some corn and black beans. next, take the cheese and chips from the bag of extra goodies and throw them on top of everything else. dish up a large helping, enjoy. and you will.

made this last week for a church activity. and if your wondering- $96 dollars at costco will get you 10 bags of salad, two bags of rolls, two bags of chicken tenderloins, and 4 pineapples. enough to feed around 50 women.


Becky Freestone said...

that salad sounds delicious. i will have to try it sometime. i had no idea you had an obsession for mermaids. do you like the little mermaid movie too?

Malia said...

wow that sounds amazing! i'll have to try it one of these days!!!

lauren said...

i miss you.

Kelli Radmall said...

That sounds super yummy. I want to eat it right now. I love Velzy's pictures!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ashley,
Liz Rago-Ka'ili here. Remember? The one that accosted you at the RS party about posting the recipe for this awesome salad! Thank you for the post. Totally making it tomorrow. and love your blog.
p.s. would completely buy your shirts for gifts!

Anonymous said...

Velzi reall is talented. Nice pictures. And you have a very clear camera. I'm guessing you didn't get it at Best Buy!!!
So what if we don't have a Costco membership??? What can we substitute?