Tuesday, February 5

14 days of love
day #5

just a quick one today, as our internet is not working (i do not love our computer). i finally got set up on bloglines about a week ago and i am in love. do you know how much time this handy little (free) service has saved me? lots. i love pulling it up and seeing just who has posted- no more clicking away only to see that no one has posted lately. so today- and every time i log in- i love you bloglines.


Candace said...

oh! i know! bloglines is THE best! i have an obscene amount of feeds though. 110 to be exact. it's a sickness, i know.

Jen said...


heidi said...

how do you do bloglines? i love that you don't have to look at all of the blogs that are forever the same!! wahoo.