Thursday, January 17

nine months and counting...

this picture pretty much sums it up. this one and then the corny smile below, ivy your quite the little ham. the other day we were at a bike store and the owner was cracking up and asking if she is always such a flirt. yep, well, unless your teething.

things to remember from the last month:
-first christmas, that i didn't even remember to get babies first christmas pictures with the tree or anything. i'm a good mom.
-you love to crawl around growling
-having a hard time not being big enough to play with velzy lately, it will come soon, promise.
-you eat everything- literally. the other day i was cleaning up the girls room when i looked down just in time to see you putting a dead, dried-up crusty baby gecko in your mouth. promise i got to it before it got into your mouth.
-you love to explore but you always come to cuddle up for a little snuggle/thumb-suck recharge before you go back out to do more exploring.
-your nuts in the bath, you crawl into the bathroom and try to get into the tub through the day and once you are in the bath your crazy. let's hope this love for water lasts a while.
-and although you sucked at sleeping while we were in california you are back to normal and sleeping though the night, which means i am always happy to see you when you wake in the morning with big sleepy smiles.


Jen said...

Sweet Ivy. I think that could be the title of a song for her. Sweet Ivy.

She is such a love. I wish we could see you all more often and get all our babies together again. She's growing fast, huh?

You're a great mom! At least you have a Santa picture for this year. This Mom of the year didn't get there this year.

Candace said...

oh my gosh! she is SO cute.

kelly mc said...

she is adorable!

betsy said...

i love you ivy! happy 9 months.

tonya said...

Thanks for the b-day wish, Ash!

NINE months??? Is that even possible? Isn't it crazy how fast it goes. Especially when you are doing huge life events like moving across the world.

I love that pic of Ivy with the skateboard. She looks so much like Velzy to me there.

Glad we got a peek at you guys while you were here. Wish we could have played more, but it was hectic.

Brooke & Aaron said...

Cute, cute girl. Hey, we have that retro kitchen too. The girls can't get enough of it. Glad that everyone's healthy and sleeping through the night again. It's always nice to come back home!

Molly Malia said...

oh how i miss your girls... when i was home last ivy just laid there... i want to know the 9 month old ivy! fly me home!

Jessica Brown said...

She's so cute. I'm glad you guys had a good christmas! Thanks for the Christmas Card it was so cute.

The Grahams said...

She has the cutest smile! And I love that little kitchen you guys have for the girls. So fun