Thursday, November 8

the good, the bad, and the ugly

the good:
-our stuff is here! not right here in our apartment yet, but on the island at least, and it will be here soon. finally.
-got a cool new phone- thanks to velzy killing my last one.
-ivy is making progress in the crawling department, and i love it. not even 7 months and she is doing more up on all fours then velzy ever did (she never crawled at all), it is amazing to watch her get stronger everyday. pictures soon.
-sunday is my 25th b-day.
-velzy's renditions of the abc's. hysterical.

the bad:
-thinking about how much stuff we have to put in this little apartment. where will it all go?
-luke tweaked is back really bad after surfing yesterday, and is out of commission for a while, so sad.
-i have to give a talk on sunday in sacrament. ugh.
-nap rebellions and poop on the carpet (don't ask).
-my patience levels lately. i am working on them.

the ugly:
-the weather: super hot and muggy in the am. then rainy in the pm. every day lately.
(that was the best i could do for ugly, there is not much ugliness around here.)


The Bradys said...

You are so funny... ya cant get much uglier in hawaii!

cant wait to see ivy crawl. thats how wyatt was too, everything early! he was crawling at 6 months walking at 10. he is a terror. good luck with her! 2nd child syndrome huh!

congrats on getting yer stuff there finally however good luck piling it all in. it will fit, its just the intial dread of it. u will feel so much better once its there!

tonya said...

Yay for your stuff being there! I bet you can't wait to actually get it.

Go IVY! Post a YouTube video. We wanna see. Oh, and of V's ABC's, too. I love hearing little voices.

Happy Birthday a few days early!

Poor Luke! Stac has done that a couple of times and it is the worst.

Glad there isn't too much ugly. How can there be when you live in paradise, right?

Kari said...

At least the good out ways the bad! Hope you have a super happy birthday, Ashley! Welcome to year's not that much fun :(

tonya said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ash! Hope you have a great day.

And, 25 was great.

Robyn said...

Are you potty training Velzy already? Go mom!! I haven't even tried yet.

I love getting new phones and I hope you get all your stuff soon!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!! Did you know it's blogger Jen's birthday too? You're only 25? You are so young!!! Enjoy it!

Brooke & Aaron said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! You are the only friend whose birthday I remember. That's because its always the day before mine. :) Hope everything is going well in Hawaii. Good luck with moving all of your stuff in. We'll be moving in Dec (again!) and its always tricky finding a place for everything! Your girls are adorable.

Kirstin said...

Happy Birthday Ash! I swear you were 25 years ago. You're such a sassy young Mom. Post videos. I want to see these girls in action.

Jo said...

happy birthday, ash!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday sister scorpio!

heidi said...

happy b-day and hope your talk was fabulous. i don't know if this is a good thing, but its nice to know that other people lack patience at times too.

snlbarney said...

Happy birthday today! I didn't know that you and Malia share the same birthday! A wonderful day! I hope is was great, post what you did in the sunshine so I can be jealous:)...

chanel said...

you're so cute!
i loved this post! I bet the ABCs are sooo great! their little voices are the BEST!

Im not even sure hot mornings can be concidered ugly, the judges are out on that one- you're in Hawaii after all.

Poor Luke! Dads being out of commission are never good.

yay for your stuff! i love stuff!

Denae said...

Ash, it's nice to know that your roughing it in Hawaii too. Happy Happy Birthday!