Friday, October 12

i'm two!

can't even tell you how many times we said that phrase last weekend. so many. i think she might have got it though. velzy's birthday was really fun, we just had a little hot dog bbq with some friends and the fam at waimea last friday evening. gotta have the birthday girl's favorite food at her party. although, i think all she ate last weekend was chips. the girl is obsessed. we have had chip detox this week to recover from her over consumption. cool cake huh? thanks to momma dar, it looked great. of course velzy was again, just like last year, super respectful of my mom's work and only picked the yellow dots off the frosting. where does this girl come from? i didn't take any pictures with my camera all weekend, so thanks for the pics mom.
on velzy's actual birthday we went out to cholo's for dinner. after dinner we asked if they had anything for b-day people, and they didn't, but our super nice waitress went to the coffee shop a few doors down and got her some ice cream. so nice, huh? all velz wanted to eat was the little umbrella and the cherry. jumpin on the bed in her birthday suit at turtle bay. cutest little tan lines ever.and i am pretty sure that my dad is the cutest grandpa in the world, maybe even the universe. he and velzy have so much fun together, and he loves to play with her.
ok , i want to write more, but i am at luke's parents and i can hear velzy just woke up on the baby monitor- junk! peace out.


Jessica Brown said...

Ash- I'm ok'ing comments because I got a couple of spam comments on my blog. Not cool. So I decided to approve them in order to moderate the spamness. You still have freedom of speech. I promise your comments are ALWAYS cool enough to make the blog!

tonya said...

What a fun birthday weekend!! Yay! It looks like you had fun with Grandma and Grandpa, and you are right. Your dad is the cutest grandpa ever. He looks like he is 25 in that pic. Your mom is adorable, too. They love your kids so much.

Becky Freestone said...

how nice of your parents to come out to celebrate with you guys for the big bday. velz i getting so big. sounds like hawaii is treating you guys well so far.

Valerie Page said...

Awesome cake!!!! And those little tan lines are darling!!!!!!

Jen said...

That it is the coolest cake ever!!!! Your mom did that?!!!

She's got mad skills.

What a fun time. It's like your on vacation, but it's your life every day!. So Fun.

Missy said...

Coolest cake ever, is right. It looks like you guys are having so much fun. Your girls are adorable Ashley - really - too cute. Are they getting to the point where they can play together a little more now?

chanel said...

do yo ulove you are the one person i can't stay away from?!?! I love your life! Happy Bday Velzy! What a fun bday- lovin the chips detox! And oh man that swim suit line ROCKS!
Ivy is so precious, what little dolls you have!
And yeah I pretty much think hands down your girls have the BEST grandpa- dang, how awesome!