Thursday, September 6

i love wally

i meant to post this in the beginning of summer before ear infection season started but forgot. i seriously love this stuff. my aunt su told me about it a few years ago and said she always puts it in her kids ears after they swim. the other night my ear was really hurting and i was afraid i was getting an ear infection (swimming in the kiddie pool will do that to you), so i filled my ear with this stuff, plugged it with some cotton and when i woke up there was no more pain. it hasn't let me down yet. i don't know if it is a cure all, but if your kids get ear infections a lot or have one (or two, lauren) you might want to give it a try.
and the stuff below it on the website for itch relief looks super good too. i seriously hate mosquitoes, there are so many here it sucks. when it is nice outside and i want to go out with velzy to play but i try to stay inside because there are so many and they attack ivy and velzy so bad. my legs are itching right now just thinking about the swarms that surround us when we go out to play. ahh, i hate them.


tonya said...

My kids have never had an ear infection. (Knock on wood.) Strange, huh? I'll keep this in mind when they do though! Thanks.

And, mosquitos do suck. Sick.

Maryam said...

I need to buy this stuff for my water baby hubby. He would love it... speaking of your aunt Su, send her my love. I miss having her in SC.