Wednesday, September 5

at the dr's...

today i took the girls in for their last well-child check-up's at our dr's office. i am sad to leave them, because i love the RN that we go to for all of our check ups. she is super nice and really thorough.
apparently lil miss ivy hasn't gained any weight since we were there last, in fact she lost some, which is sort of strange. and she had a random 101 temp. last night and this morning, but not when we were there, of course. so she didn't get her five shots that she was scheduled to get, that fun will come next week, along with a weight check. so i came home with orders to not restrict my calories (obviously she doesn't realize how much i love food) and to fatten that baby up- not that she is not healthy, they just want to see the numbers on the scale go up. they also took a urine sample to make sure everything was ok, and it was. it was so funny they had this cool little bag contraption that had adhesive on it and stuck to her to catch her pee, so funny looking and way better that a catheter! so now i guess we have to go hardcore on the rice cereal too. we gave her some for the last few nights, but now i have to give it to her at least twice a day.

and then there is velzy. everything was good with her. they are a little concerned that she is not talking as much as she should be, but are sure more words will start coming soon (i hope!). nothing too exciting going on with the almost two year old. i can't beieve she will be two in a month, wow! and the lucky girl gets to spend her birthday on the beach!
we are having the movers come to survey just how much junk we have tommorrow. since they are doing so much of the packing and moving for us, it sort of doesn't even feel like we are moving really cause i have not had to think about it all. i guess it will all sink in after our things are packed.
well, ta ta for now, i am going to go eat some more, cause the dr told me to.


betsy said...

ivy is a lucky girl - getting to eat rice cereal. unfortunately i live with a nazi grandmother who won't allow niki to have any until her 6 month birthday (which happens to be this saturday). so excited to see you guys and help velz celebrate her birthday!

tonya said...

Okay, Ivy is seriously, so stinkin' cute. I can't believe she is so old already. Don't even worry about Velz not talking. All of my kids have been super late talkers. It is annoying though. You can only take so much of the Uh-uh-uh junk.

Robyn said...

I thought Trent would never talk but one day he started saying words. Well, okay, mostly he just sings duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh Dora! but it's a start! Ha!

Ivy girl looks great! Good luck with the move! Can you believe our kids are almost 2??? Crazy!

I'm Jen! said...

Ivy looks mesmerized by the rice cereal! She is so cute.

Wow, 2!!! Watch, you'll get to Hawaii and she'll be talking up a storm.

chanel said...

looks like Ivy is liking the cereal- thats fun! Shes adorable! Eating more, hmmmm, I love nursing!

Im sure Velzy will be a little chatter box before yo uknow it- especially when she checks out her new AWESOME home! SHe probably won't be able to stop talking in complete sentences b/c she'll be so overcome with emotion- "mother, thank you, and father too, for moving us to this most magnificent paradise! I am so incredibly blessed to grow up on this island." Just as an example. :)

good luck with the move!
I'll miss ya until you get set up!!!

Missy said...

She hasn't gained weight? She looks SO healthy (and incredibly cute too Ashley!). I'm sure she'll put on some weight soon with the rice cereal. She really is so cute.