Tuesday, August 21


so things are starting to fall into place for our move. for those of you who have asked about it here are the details, we just got tickets yesterday:

-september 14th- luke drops off our truck in baltimore to be shipped, and no one knows how long it will be till we see her again.

-september 17th, packers will be coming to our apartment- yeah, we don't even have to pack ourselves. which is sort of weird, i don 't know just what they will/won't do, guess i will find out.

-september 18th, movers come and do all the heavy lifting- isn't being moved a piece of cake?

-september 19th, around noon board a plane, which has four seats with our names on them. yep, they bought ivy a ticket! five hours to san fran, two hour layover, five more hours to hawaii.

-drive an hour to laie and arrive at our new abode for the next year.

we are going to be living in a little apartment on the back of a house that is right across the street from the temple, a five minute walk to the beach, and five feet (literally) from lukes parents house. it's a little one bed room apartment and so we will be down sizing a bit, but like i said luke's parents house is right there so we are going to be storing quite a bit of things there (thanks guys). our stuff that is being shipped is supposed to arrive sometime before november 8th (what?????). so long without our stuff!!!! but hey, it's worth it. i can't believe that it is less than a month away, and that will fly by.

it's a rainy day today, the windows are open and the crickets are still chirping. i really enjoy this break from the hot hot heat, which will be back soon enough. i turned on itunes and played this song for velzy earlier, which for some reason was the perfect song for the day so i thought i would share.

and here is another just for good measure. it reminds me of adam, brock and brynn, which brings a smile to my face.

(band of horses, so good)


Candace said...

I LOVE Band of Horses!

chanel said...

whoa! you guys continually impress me!!!! sounds like an amzing place to live!

Robyn said...

Wow! You are going to be busy! That is so cool that they are moving you and that Ivy gets her own seat on the flight! How nice! Don't forget the DVD player for Velzy to watch on the plane! Have a good move. Those were beautiful pictures of your family all over Virginia and D.C. I bet you'll miss that place, but Hawaii sounds amazing! That's so nice that you'll be so close to Luke's family too~!

meggan said...

ONE bedroom? Why so small? 5 feet away from your in-laws? That sounds sort of interesting to me, but only because my in-laws are disturbingly weird. I'm sure yours are cool since you're so excited about it.

We want to come visit!!

tonya said...

wow, you are going to be one busy mama! i'm so glad they are going to be moving you though! that would have been SO hard for you to have to pack up everything.

we wanna come visit, too!

Melinda said...

Sounds like an adventure ahead of you. How exciting. I'm bummed that we will just miss you guys in Hawaii.

You are so stoked about having your in-laws that close to babysit for you. But at the same time, it might be too close sometimes. That can get frustrating.

Good luck with the move!

tonya said...

Ash, I am loving your new header thing. How in the world did you do that?