Saturday, April 7

you have got to be joking me

apparently, mother nature thinks that she is really funny. snow. this morning. april 7th.

anyways, went to the dr yesterday and nothing new to report. which is good i guess. i don't want to have to worry about her being too early and not ready to breath or eat yet, so i would be happy if she waited another week or so to come. and it's also good because i have this problem with getting things ready early. let's just put it this way- i didn't get my bag ready for the hospital until velzy was 3 days past her due date. i went into labor that night, go figure. but that was also a different story because the day before her due date my dr told me that there was no way that i would go into labor on my own in the next week. funny how all pregnancies are so different.

and i really don't have anything else exciting to write about so...bye!


Robyn said...

Beautiful snow! I'm glad you're not going into labor. Only a few more weeks! I can't wait to hear what you name her. You are really good at keeping a secret!

Ton said...

That is terrible. Snow in spring? Yuck.

Pack your bag, get the car seat in the car, set up the crib, wash the clothes. Come on, Ash! We are getting excited around here.

meggan said...

I'm not good at bag packing for the hospital or getting ready either. Funny how that is. You'll pull it together eventually. And if you don't? Luke can figure it all out later.

Missy said...

That is terrible. I hope it warms up this week for you. Usually these spring snowstorms don't last too long...right?

I want you to have her so I can know her name.

Jen said...

People, people...stop pressuring her about the name already. But seriously can you give us a hint...Hahaha! I love a good secret. I promise I won't tell.

I thought I told that snow to go away.

If you start getting that itch to get organized and pack that's when you go into labor or in my case, your water breaks. Get packing girl!

Candace said...

Oh, snow is just no fun in April. I keep thinking you're going to have that baby any day. Good luck!