Tuesday, April 10

the last few days...

i feel like posting, but there is nothing really going on to write about these last few days.
easter was really good, and i am a slacker and didn't even get a picture of velz in her cute easter dress- such a bad mom. speaking of bad mom, i didn't do anything eastery for her- no basket, no egg hunt, and no candy overload (although we did enjoy quite a few jelly bellies). hope she doesn't hold it against me when she is older, i figure next year she might get into it and then it will be fun.
but in my own defense- we did have a yummy easter breakfast, and velzy ate eggs and bacon!!! after church we had the sister missionaries over for dinner and had an easter feast of chinese roast, sticky rice, pineapple, and salad. so ono! oh, and a super good homemade cheesecake for dessert- it was the best! so at least we had an easter feast.
easter is one of those holidays when i hate to not be at home. i have not been at home for an easter for seven years, and that makes me sad. we have a tradition of going to El Adobe, a restaurant in S.J.C. right next to the mission, with my mom's family and eating plates upon plates of delicious foods from their brunch buffet- let me just say it is heavenly- at least i remember it being that way. every year i vow that i will be there the next, but that has not come to pass, maybe nest year! then we get together with my dad's family for another feast. oh, the good food that we miss by not being in california for easter! next year- promise!
another easter tradition that my dad got me started on was doing a sunrise service, getting up and reading about Christ and the atonement on easter morning early and watch the sunrise. so luke and i read that together, which i love because it makes you really remember the reason for the holiday, which really is the holiday, the most important holiday of the year. i have to say thought that we didn't get up and watch the sunrise, once again i was a slacker and was too tired so we waited till velzy took a nap.
anyways, that was our easter. this week i have a baby shower to pull together for thursday night for a girl that i visit teach so i am working on that. and like i said, nothing else too exciting...


Robyn said...

We love El Adobe!

I can't believe you are throwing a shower for someone else! Are you having a shower out there?

That is so neat that your dad taught you to do that on Easter. It isn't about the silly basket and candy. It's about our Savior. That's really special that you and Luke got up and read about Christ on Easter morning.

Good luck with your busy week!

tonya said...

Sounds like a nice, laid back Easter. Perfect. Your dinner sounds delicious. I need to make your Chinese roast. Did you make the cheesecake, too? You are such a domestic godess. Good job.

Sorry you missed your fam. That's always a bummer.

Lisa Michelle said...

Wow - your Easter dinner sounds incredible! And I love the sunrise idea. Maybe we'll try that one of these Easters (if I can drag myself out of bed that early!!).

And YES! We need to get together! Bryce's family will be in town for the next week, but are you available next week? Or will you have a baby by then...? If so we'll come keep you company! :)

Chanel said...

BAD MOM???? WHATEVER! No way are you even close to being a bad mom, I know you were joking anyway, but I give you total props for forgoing the basket and candy, WISH I did! Julia still hasn't touched a single thing, that being said, I have TOUCHED TO MY MOUTH which goes straight to my hip all her goods! Our church was canceled Easter b/c of the snow, hows that for a religious holiday?? I love that you read the final days of CHrist that morning, what a great thing to do, I hope to make it a tradition here too.
Sorry about missing the family, holidays always do that. Next year for sure!

Jen said...

I was just catchig up on all your post and you are not going to believe this....Okay, my uncle used to be the General Manager for the El Adobe, and my mom would help him during the busy holidays and so I would always be there on Easter. AND..AND when I got old enough I was the "Easter Bunny" did you ever participate in the egg hunts to look for the silver egg. The prize was gcerts for Baskin Robbins. How crazy is that?