Saturday, March 17

spring fling

i will admit it. i had a fling. it only lasted a couple of days though. i thought that spring was here for me, i thought we could have a good thing for at least a couple of months, but i was worng. it was fun while it lasted though, i won't deny that- blowing bubbles on the porch, going to the little river on the path and throwing in rocks, going for walks after dinner with luke... but all of the sudden this bliss has been taken away and winter has come back into my life. its cold again and there is another blanket of snow on the path behind our house that less than 48 hours ago velzy and i walked on barefoot. i am so confused. oh spring, come back to me soon!


Ton said...

Spring is a great season. I'm glad you guys had some nice weather. How's Pukey, uh, I mean, Velz?

Meggan said...

I don't understand how she could be puking so much!!! So sad.

That was an awful trick that Mother Nature played on you. Hope it starts warming up way the heck over there.

Jen said...

Stinkin' snow! Go away already.

Poor little V. Are you feeling better?

Becky Freestone said...

isn't that the worst when it starts to warm and you think spring is right araound the corner and then before you know it a snow storm comes and you want to cry. i think we have been spoiled growing up in the o.c.