Tuesday, March 20

little miracles...

first off, thanks for all of the support from all of the sweet mom's that read my blog, i was not fishing for it, but it does make me feel good to hear what everyone has to share.
ok, little miracles is devoted to velzy's eating yesterday. i went to costco- spent way too much money as usual- but it was worth it. velzy has been a self proclaimed vegetarian for a long time, i can't even remember how long. she will eat hot dogs but i don't count that as real meat. anyways, back to costco, we walked by the sample lady with the dinosaur chicken nuggets and the lady trys to give me one, but i say "no thanks this strange little child does not eat meat." she insists that i give her one and velzy takes it...smells it (she smells everything before it goes in her mouth-really funny), and takes a big bite. i count to three in my head just waiting for her to spit it out and shake her head with her tongue hanging out like she does when she dislikes a food that should not have made it pass the smell test. instead she swallows and takes another bite!?! amazing. we even walked back by the same sample to make sure it wasn't a fluke and she wanted more- she ate two more! amazing. so of course the lady handed me a bag of them telling me that we needed them. with a look of shock on my face i took the bag and walked away. just another testament as to why costco is the greatest wholesale establishment in the world.
it does get better though, at home i made a super yummy pasta (that i will post to the recipe blog when i am done here) and velzy totally ate the chicken from that too...little miracles i am tellin ya.
anyways, i found a rad little stroller for velzy- who loves to push things around these days. so we went for a little walk when we got home. she would abandon ship and venture off chasing birds then come back and give her doll a ride, i was just glad to have found something that would make her happy, and the fact that it cost six bucks and has the little mermaid on it made me happy too. so although she is not back up to par- we have had some gnarly temper tantrums over eating crayons i the last 24 hours- i think *hope* she is getting better.


Ton said...

It is the small miracles that give me hope and sane. For sure.

We love the Dino nuggets from Costco. The kids will eat 8 or so each. Crazy.

Love the Ariel stroller. So cute! So is V's little gray sweater. Love it!

Chanel said...

YAHOO!!! Happy Day!
That she smells things first is sooooooooooo FUNNY!! What a cutie pie!

Missy said...

Cute stroller! I love that the baby is fastened in with the seat belt.

I'm glad things have been better the past two days.

Please post the recipe soon! I just went to the grocery store and am hoping that I have everything for it!

Meggan said...

Eden doesn't eat much meat either. It's very bizarre, but she does like those Dino nuggets. Hooray for Costco! Oh, and Eden smells every single thing before it enters her mouth also. I always thought she got it from Joses because he smells his deodorant every single time before putting it on, but I guess other kids do it too!

Was that stroller at Costco? Those trees are beautiful behind her!

Lisa Michelle said...

Ashley, I am so overjoyed that you used the word "gnarly" in your blog!!! It is wonderful to hear someone out here say that besides me!! Velzy is so cute with her stroller - and we are right there with you and your adoration of Costco. :) One of these days we need to get Velzy and Sophie together to play! Do you have play groups out there? We've got a few unofficial ones here - maybe we can meet half way one of these days when it gets nicer for a park day!

Jen said...

So glad you had a better day. V looks so very happy with her new stroller.

Robyn said...

I just read your post from yesterday and today and all I have to say is I totally get it and I agree! This is a hard stage. Trent has been whining a ton and doesn't eat anything except pb&j sandwiches, grapes, hot dogs, and a few other random things. He ate his first cucumber on Sunday and I almost cried. He wanted more!

They get sick so easily and I'm sure it's even harder since you're pregnant. I bet it will be so fun when you have your baby and every morning Velzy will have her sister to look forward to seeing. I can't wait until Trent has a sibling to play with.

Costco...what more can we say?

I love the stroller pictures. I like that the doll is wearing a seatbelt. Very safe.

Jen said...

What is your friends name that went to Capo? I went graduated from there too, although I think I'm significantly older than you.

ashley said...

her name is lisa, there is a link on the side of my blog, i don't know her maiden name though!

and just got around to posting the recipe, its so good!

Becky Freestone said...

that is so awesome that she may not be a vegetarian anymore. she is too young not to eat chicken nuggets, especially dinosaur shaped. just make sure you make whatever meat you give her smell really good i guess.