Tuesday, January 30

little birdies

i love little birdies. this is our family in birdies, even the unborn is represented. i just finished their legs the other night because i could not sleep...and they still need eyes. i love how you can still see the marks from the embroidery hoop. eventually i want to put this little square of fabric on a pillow and will post that later...but i just really wanted to post it because looking at them makes me so happy.

i just got home from working at the y (a whopping 2 hours, almost made enough money to pay for gas to get there), velz is asleep and after putting away some dishes i am wasting time on the computer. yesterday i went to the gym and read the ensign while i was on the elliptical, and honestly it was such a good work out. i didn't look at the time once, didn't even try to understand what was happening on the lame soap operas or news that they play on the tv, and when i left i felt better physically and spiritually. i was even ready to give a f.h.e. about what i read. talk about a win-win. so i think that is my new thing, because a lot of times the ensign is put next to the couch and forgotten about, but there is a lot of good stuff in there and it is a lot better read than the sub-titles of the evening news or a basketball game at the gym, i know that. (and how was that run on sentence, sorry to anyone who is a writer or cares about the rules of grammar and writing. i write like i think- no capital letters and lots of bad punctuation.)


ColoradoCoolCats said...

i just walked and did some minor running on the treadmill last night and AM SORE!! BUGGAR!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

woops didn't mean to post without saying YOU"RE AWESOME for workingout while pregnant! What a woman!!! CUTE birds too! Candace will love it!

Ton said...

Those birdies are so cute! You are a crafty girl.

You and I are totally on the same wave length. Instead of being on the computer yesterday while nursing, I read the Feb Ensign. It made a huge difference in my day.

I can't believe you are still working out like that. You are amazing.

Candace said...

Chanel is right, I do love these birdies. Where'd you get your funky/cool fabric?

Good job with working out too. I had a good routine going before I got pregnant & super sick in the beginnig. Now I feel like such a lazy pig. It's gonna be a lot of work for me after I have the baby. Great idea to read the ensign during your workout.

kellymccaleb said...

oh the birds!! they are sooo stinkin cute. and your gym stories inspire me so- i guess i'll get my fat butt there today!

Missy said...

The birds are adorable! I love them so much. Did you cut them yourself or did you buy them? Oh...I wish I was a sewer.