Monday, January 29

just another manic monday

call it early nesting, which never happened before i had v, but i am on this "i need to get organized and de-cluttered" kick.
so i have set some rules for myself...

1. i can only be on the computer or craft during velzy's first nap, and after i have accomplished something that morning.
2. if you don't need it- throw it out- sometimes i have a hard time with this.
3. when v is up and wants attention, stop what i are doing and play with her.
can't really think of anything else, the big one is #1, just don't waste time on the computer!

a little venting: i am really glad that this weekend is over. which is funny, because usually don't want the weekend to end. but i was a grump this weekend. and as lame as this sounds, i am blaming a lot my grumpiness on not being able to go outside. i am an outdoors person. being trapped in doors is torture. seriously. in college, i would not even eat breakfast inside- it was outside on our deck looking at the ocean. studying was also done there on the deck or lawn in a bathing suit with jumps in the ocean every half hour or so. and i think some of my best scripture reading happened when i was on the deck of the house behind mine, that was literally over the ocean. and this summer and fall velzy and i used to go walk around outside for hours everyday, just to explore. i think that shes feeling it too, this morning we just stood at her window and looked outside, her little hands were on the glass and when she took them off they were freezing. maybe i have that lack of sunshine vitamin thing going on. the funny thing is that it is sunny, which is so deceiving because it is 27 degrees but feels like 15 (thank you so i can't really go frolic in the woods like i want to. is that a valid argument for being a grump??? it is to me.
anyways, it's a new week, a new beginning. hopefully if i busy myself in organizational tasks and concentrate on having fun with velz and luke not the lack of time spent outdoors, i will not be a bugger!


Ton said...

Call me crazy, but I think nesting is the best part of pregnancy. Oh, okay, you do get a pretty swell baby at the end, too.

I was thinking the same thing about being on the computer less. I'm limiting myself to early morning, lunchtime nursing session and late night, after the kids are in bed and the work has been done for the day.

If you want me to come out and help you throw away stuff, I will. I love to toss out/give away/purge. Sounds like you inherited a bit of the hoarding gene from EB.

In case I haven't told you lately, do you know how cool your parents are? They are so, so great. Your dad is such a great example to my husband and your mom is, well, the best ever. She is doing this mini class on scripture study for me for Enrichment next month. And I know she doesn't like doing this kind of stuff, but she is. For me. I like to think it's because she likes me so much. ;-)

Okay, imagining sitting out on your deck, over looking the ocean made me want to go on a major vacation. You had it made in school! I agree, I get WAY grouchy when I am indoors too much. So do my kids. Fresh air is so good for the mind body and soul. Hang in there, hopefully it will warm up soon enough.

Okay, nice novel, eh?

kelly mccaleb said...

definately grump inducing stuff those east coast winter days!