Thursday, October 26

Scaly friends

for those of you who may know the billings family, you will know that we have a tradition of somewhat odd pets. for instance, my first pet as a baby- a snake. and what was in a huge aquarium on my dresser for like six years till he got too big and we had to give him away to a bigger home- a huge iguana. we also had many other snakes, lizards, jackson chamelions, and cool stuff like that growing up. Luke and i also had some really cool jackson chamelions when we were in hawaii but got rid of them when we moved out here because we weren't sure we could keep them warm enough. so yesterday while i was on a walk with some friends we came across a little snake, and i just had to take him home with me! He is a northern red bellied snake and he was super small and tame. but, we only kept him for the afternoon, so sad! we figured that we didn't really have a place for him to live, and we didn't want to go get all the supplies, so we let him go on out back porch and hopefully we will see him again soon!


Missy said...

Ashley. I can't believe you are holding the snake. I am afraid of snakes so I would never want one as a pet, let alone pick one up off the ground while out on a run. V is lucky though. She'll get to know all those random reptiles.

Ton said...

Ash, having heard the stories of your parents sneaking all sorts of reptiles from the islands home on the airplane, I am not surprised by your adventuresome outlook on "pets". However, I am terrified of snakes. No, terrified is not a strong enough word. I can't walk by them in their cages in pet stores.

The other day, we look Erin a little b-day gift and there was a tiny snake that slithered along the path going to their front door. I swear, I almost had a heart attach. I swooped up Ethan and Kaleb and RAN to their door. It was terrible.

I know having 3 boys, I may have to get over this paranoia. But, I am really, really afraid of them. I CANNOT imagine BRINGING them into my house. No way.

Don't worry, though, I still love you, just not your affinity for slithery things.

Jen said...

I'm with Tonya.

One word- YIKES!!!!!

Melinda said...

Eww gross, you just picked it up? How did you know it wasn't poisonous or something. You must be knowledgable about reptiles. I want to get a simple pet, like a fish or something. I think Taylor would like that.

Anonymous said...

your wierd just like your dad. who wants a snake for a pet. oh yah kody does after visiting your parents. is he going to get one? NO not in a million years. but we are planning a lizard or frog from santa this year. how do you think it will stay alive on the slayride without the heater on. we will have to find out.