Friday, October 13

my mom

this is my mom (see pic to the right). seriously. she is a stud. she came out to visit for the last week and you would think that she had been hired to do a home make-over or something. i think i will list all of the things that she did for my house: we painted the walls (huge, huge improvement over flat white walls), she hung two towel rods, one curtain rod, hung 17 picture frames, three box frames and one shelf, we made a fall wreath that is beautiful on my front door, made and hung a covering for my washer and dryer, made a cool fall vine thing to go on our bookshelf, she and luke changed the doors around on our fridge and freezer, she made yummy dinners and yummy birthday cakes, babysat a bunch, and i am drawing a blank but she did more, i know it! the woman is amazing! our little apartment is super cozy now and feels a lot more like home. so thanks again mom, your the best, come and visit whenever you want! it pays to have a mom who is into interior design and is total sweetheart!
so that is what was going on around these parts the last week. we had velzy's birthday party and went to the beach too. we have some cute pics but they are on my mom's camera and i will post them when i get some copies of them! these pics are of the apartment. our kitchen used to be a boring all white ugly thing, and with the new paint it has been given new life, and i love it.
the pics on the wall are my favorite! the idea came from a pottery barn catalog and we brought it to life, and it looks amazing!
fall is really setting in, all of the sudden today there is a bit of a nip in the air and it is a lot cooler, and all of the sudden it smells like we live in the moutains outside, like pine trees, and the leaves are starting to turn pretty colors. i am excited and a bit scared too because i don't want to be cold! i am such a wimp. my friend erin was telling me how she grew up in wyoming and they would walk home from school in the snow barefoot- barefoot! i used to think we were cool when we would wear sandals all winter in california.


Ton said...

Okay, Ash. You have the greatest mom. I can't begin to tell you how cool Daren is. She rocks. I just love her. Isn't it wonderful to have a great mom?

Anyway, your place is so cute! I love the pictures on the wall.

I'm with you on the cold. I'm such a wimp, too. You'd never believe that I was born in Utah. I guess living in Florida and Califoria for the past 13 years makes you more of a warm blooded creature. I die when we go to Utah in the winters now. Layer up and snuggle to stay warm!

Missy said...

Love, love, love the picture frames. Could your mom be any better? Nope, I don't think so. That's so great. You'll be a great mom to V because of her! I like calling her V for some reason - hope you don't mind.
I'm not into the cold either. But, for some reason Devin and I think we could live in Colorado someday.

Missy said...

I realized the other day while running that I never answered your question on my blog! Sorry...
I don't keep in great touch with Becky. I should be better. We email every once in a while and she called me when she was down for the weekend a month or two ago, but I couldn't make it up there before she left. She is living in Utah, with her husband who is finishing up school at BYU. She's working a few days a week...where? Not sure exactly. Anyway, I tell her she needs to start a blog - it's the sure way to keep in touch!

Meggan said...

Wow, your place looks great. I love all those picture frames on the walls. Lucky duck for having your mom be such a great help. And she's cool too!

Are you pregnant sick? Please tell me you're going to find out what you're having this time.

Meggan said...

What is a washer/dryer cover?

ashley said...

megg to answer your ?'s- i am really lucky and i don't get sick when i am pregnant, count my blessings every day for that. but i still have a hard time eating becuase nothing sounds good, which makes for some lame dinners and i feel bad for luke and v. (and missy, i love calling her "v" also). and we are going to find out what the baby is this time, right now i am 12 weeks, and so i think i have to wait another month or two before we can find out.
our washer dryer is sort of in this nook in the hall of our house and so my mom just made this covering for it so that it is a little more hidden.

Kelly McCaleb said...

wow! that just made me so excited to:
1. be a grandma
2. move. we are moving this week across town and i was really sad, but now i'm excited.
3. finally enlarge some pics i've been meaning to hand up.
4. serve somebody

Melinda said...

Ooh, I like the pictures. I want to do that. I think i will one day. I love Mom's like that. My Mom is that way too. She can't just come down to see me to relax. We are always doing something, whether it's fixing toliets, finishing door moldings, hanging pictures, sewing, etc. she is a go gettter. Sounds like you both accomplished a lot. Stay warm!

Erin said...

How fun! Yes, you're mom is awesome. I love the photo you posted of her. I've met you a couple of times and my husband Matt goes surfing with your dad, the trash treasure hunter. I hope it's okay I jumped onto your blog. Looks like all my friends are here too! Your picture collage is cool. Congratulations on being pregnant with baby number two!