Friday, July 28

i want to be a domestic goddess

my friends are all so talented, looking at their blogs and hearing about their projects makes me want to get out and get creative. i was just looking at martha stewarts website and there are so so so many fun things that look relatively easy to do, and lauren those shoes are so cute! my sister also told me about a website called that looks like it will have some fun stuff on it as well. brynn is quite the little sewer herself, i wish i lived closer to her so that we could get together and she could show me a thing or two. so far all my sewing machine has been used for is a few little headband things (that i threw together really fast and embroidered, pictured here, they are actually really cute when worn), and scrapbooking. i have a pillow case project that i started and never even got to sewing, maybe i will do that this weekend.
i wish i could figure out the way to balance making yummy dinners, having a clean house, playing with velzy, watching movies with luke, going to the gym, reading scriptures, sewing a few things, scrapbooking, do my calling well, and anything else that i missed. there aren't enough hours in the day to do it everything i want to do!
anyways, luke's parents got here yesterday and we are off to go visit jamestown this weekend. i probably won't write for a bit cause i can't get to the computer in the a.m. and we will be out and about a lot for the next few days.
and as much as i laugh at myself for blogging it is really good to hear from you girls- its a good reminder that i have friends that i Y
i hope every one has a good weekend!


kellymccaleb said...

so so so well said. i wish i could balance all those things too. i wish i could be an amazing mom, wife, and domestic queen every day. it's so impossible. but watch as velzy gets older it will get easier to do "extra" stuff because she'll be able to do it with you. cate scrapbooks and pretends to sew on a little mini machine, and loves to watch disney i have considerably more time that i don't feel guilty about. of course, if you have a second baby that won't happen! haha. this is the world's longest post!!

kellymccaleb said...

p.s.- i love tawnya too. everyone says i look like her. haha rachel sent me her christmas card this year and at first glance i thought she sent me a pic of me! i think i was supposed to be a gardner

kellymccaleb said...

p.p.s.- i just read your comment on melindas blog, and that's why we aren't looking for jobs there. cause my husbands does GIS too, did you know that? but luckily he did an internship out there and realized he hated it, and it wasn't for us...
rand mcnally maps is hiring right now, they are located in irvine, your hubby should check that out.

Missy said...

Ashley Billings! It's Missy...the Missy that grew up with you in the Santa Margarita ward. I saw you commented on Melinda's blog and I thought you were someone else (one of my husbands friends has the last name Moffat). Anyway, so I click on it and YOUR picture comes up. Imagine my suprise. So much fun. Can we keep in touch via blogging? How old is your daughter and what are you doing back East? I'm living in San Diego and just had a baby girl three months ago. So crazy...hope things are going well and keep blogging. I love it!