Monday, May 14

ivy's may day performance

ivy's may day was on friday.  it was a sorta rough morning for the little lady, as she was real nervous.  for as crazy of a gal as she is, she does not like people looking at her.  not at all.  there were a few tears shed but she did it.  and she did great, i was so proud of her.  she even gave me a wave and smile before she went on, which made me feel good, i was really feeling bad for her.  you could tell she did not want to mess up, as her eyes were on her teachers the whole time.
 her preschool's theme was toy story and she was a barbie.  the first thing she said when i woke her up that morning was "i hate my costume!"  awesome.  she is not really in the video for the first few minutes, the other classes from her preschool go first. and there was one more song after this even, it was a long performance!

good job ivy girl!

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