Sunday, March 4

what if...

i didn't waste time on the computer looking at other people things and blogged right here?  hmmm.  that would be something now wouldn't it?
the problem is, i go through this "blogs bug me, blah blah blah" thing.  then this evening i was looking at some really cool blogs- brought to my attention by clicking on all the neato things brynn posts to pinterest- and realized that blogs are not all that bad after all.  and i really really do like to read old posts of mine.  and i should blog more.
i think the reason that i don't blog is that it is a late night activity and you see, i am no longer a night owl.  i am a morning person.  a wake up early and start the day off with a sweat person.  never thought i would, or could, but i am.  came to the conclusion that i have to be these days if i really want to get a work out in everyday.  and i really do.  if i don't i am grumpy.  i don't shower.  i eat crappy.  i am not nice when my kids wake me up.  i stay up too late.  i don't look good in a bathing suit....  you get my drift.  anyways along with waking up early comes going to bed early and blogging goes out the door.
i am pretty sure all of my- all 10 of my- posts from the last year say that i will try and blog more.  but alas, i am going to.  at least a picture a day.  promise. pinky promise.

so a little catch up?
velzy lost her first tooth friday.  it was just dangling there and she would not pull the sucker out so.  at school during first recess her buddy gabriella gave her something to eat and it fell out.  i forget how scary it can be to pull a tooth out of your mouth, especially your first one.  and it's gross.  it just is.
velzy is a good kid.  i am too hard on her often.  the other day our neighbors were going to go swimming and she and ivy wanted to tag along.  there was not enough room in their car for the both of them so velzy quietly said she didn't want to go and ivy went.  later i asked her why she didn't want to go and she told me that she did, but knew that they both couldn't go so she said she didn't want to go so that ivy could go.  my sweet girl.

ivy has the greatest little social life.  i am not fun to hang out with so she has to have a friend around or go to a friends everyday. it's pretty cute.  she also has this little made up life- she can go in her room and play and make up things and get in to trouble and act all adult like she likes to do. sometimes i die laughing when i spy on her.  i wish i could remember all the funny things she says and does.  and i think she has something close to a photographic memory.  she is always amazing me with the things she comes up with and remembers.  she is learning how to read and is sounding things out so well.  i am so proud of her.


and then there is lola.  she had a 101 temp today and came out of her room walking around grinning.  she laughs at everything.  everything.  i am biased because i know how getting older, learning how to disobey and having an attitude can and does drive me crazy so i really appreciate everything lola.  don't get me wrong she drives me crazy when i am trying to cook and she has to be held or i can't figure out what "uh uh uh" means, but for the most part i want to clone her 100 times.  she is a ball of love.

luke and i have actually gone out on a few days lately which has been splendid- thanks grandma connie for watching the buggers!   a few weeks ago we were human hamsters down at the international market place with jill and micah.  the hamster balls were so funny, i couldn't stop laughing. they were super hard to figure out, so hard to stay on your feet but hysterical.  we were all dripping with sweat and exhausted by the end.  i loved it.  and i will never put a hamster in a ball.  ever.

(that is luke and jill in the one next to him.  and luke and micah in the top pic)


chanel said...

Oh my gosh! THIS is what I LOOOOVE- a good real dose of YOU! And your cute tribe, they are MELTING MY HEART! Velzy! Are you kidding?!?! That is the most incredible story about staying home- she's an angel. and oldest kids always are too hard on, it is just the nature of their life, it what makes them sooooo awesome!
just love you. you hating blogs gets me all self conscious. im just not as cool as you, don't be a hater. ;)
seriously- LOVE you!

Smiths said...

You've made a great bunch of people. We want to steal Ivy again soon. Next time you plan to go to the hamster ball thing I'll be on camera duty and get some of you :)