Wednesday, March 7

a tuesday afternoon

@ the PCC.  it was raining, a lot and we were all soaked.  but it was so fun.
some friends we meet when we were in redlands are here on vacation and yesterday they went to the PCC so we decided to join them.  i mean, why not?  we have year passes and have not been to the villages so we needed to go.  even if it was pouring.
highlights:  fishing.  velz caught her first fish- a bamboo stick, line, hook and coconut bread dough.  ivy on the other hand wouldn't fish.  she was feeling shy and didn't want to.  she was tricked into holding a pole, not all that excited about it as you can see.

and making music with their new old friends.

we were on our way out when they were in their way into the luau.  season passes don't get you in to the delicious luau.  but if your under 5 you get in free.  so brittany held velzy so she looked like a 5 year old (???), brooke held ivy and they walked right into the luau.  they were so stoked.


the davis' are one of those families that you just want to be around.  that i want to be like when i grow up. their kids are happy and funny and all around great.  brent and lisa are super fun and are easy to be around.  we love hanging out with them.  and did i mention they will be spending the night here on friday?  i am sure it will be mayhem.  blissful mayhem.


Smiths said...

I love the Luau. Good thing it isn't 1998 when I worked there or I would have kicked you guys out :) ha ha

Have fun with the mayhem tomorrow night.

The Trotter Family said...

It's fun to have things like that in your backyard!