Saturday, September 10


just a few things making me happy lately-

-velzy scored 4 goals at her game this morning!  it was so fun to watch/coach.  all of the sudden she has ball control and is a little attack machine.
-i have been waking up early to work out and i love it.  when i get home i sit on my deck and watch the sunrise and read scriptures.  there have been the best sunrises lately.  it's been dead winds for the last week and the ocean and mountains have been beautiful.  so spoiled to live where we do.
-we have been trying to eat healthier = lots of fruit.  lots of fruit = lots of smoothies.  lots of smoothies = vitamix.  oh yeah!  i have wanted one of these for forever and got one last weekend.  i has been used at least 2 or 3 times daily and it's amazing.
-we have some waves!  even if i have only been surfing t-bay or castles the last few weeks it's getting in the water and that makes me a happy girl.
-everyone is finally healthy again.  3 weeks of off and on sickness sucked.  glad it's over!
-lola is ticklish and is hysterical.
-ivy thinks she can read her books that she brings home from school and it's so funny to listen to.
-backyard bonfires rule.  we collect drift wood durning the week from the beach across the street then burn it on friday or saturday night.  it's so fun.

and now the girls have so kindly woken up lola from her nap so i will stop for now.

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heidi said...

go velzy!! i miss soccer
if you can get up, early morning workouts are very gratifying--you're done before the day starts!!
yay for sister-in-law has one and does incredible things. good work
hawaiian water is fabulous. never stop enjoying it.
i love the high chair scooting blonde. cannot believe she's almost one!! time is flying by!!!