Tuesday, August 2

first day of school!

my big first grader!
i may be biased but she just might be the cutest little girl in all of Laie school.

the first day was a success.  from what i gather she likes her teacher and the kids in her class.  she is especially happy that her friends coral and ezekiel are in her class.  on the way to school she got some butterflies but by today she was running ahead to go to class on her own.

and, of course she was assigned to sit next to the one person in class she is not fond of. i am sure she will be moved soon!


Kaity said...

school starts so early there. we still have another month of summer. i guess you get out earlier too. who is her teacher? she is in 1st grade right? can't wait for velzy and gio to be in the same class.

Smiths said...

Im so glad it went well. Except for the current seating arrangement. I really wish she and Taj were in the same class/ grade/ school together. Taj needed a friend today at school.

Missy said...

You have a first grader (!!)

At what point in time did we get old enough to have kids going to school??

Missy said...

And was it hard?!

stephanie joy said...

is that Sifa Latu? If so, he is in my ward! My neighbor in fact- hahaha!

I love the first day of school posts- so precious and things they will definitely look back on and be interested in. So classic!