Saturday, June 18

happy fathers day

being that it's fathers day tomorrow i thought i may give a shout out to luke and his fathering skillz.  cause he is a damn fine father and i hope he knows that i know that.  really, he is.  has been from the get go.  well, there was that time that he slept when i was in labor and felt like i was dying but since our first born was not breathing air yet i guess that doesn't count.  luke is great with the midgets. he is always teaching them new things or getting them excited about the things that he likes, which is quite smart because that way they enjoy spending time together doing the same stuff- like playing at the beach (swimming, surfing, snorkeling) and playing/singing/listening to music.  i love watching them together and am so glad that he is their dadda.


The Trotter Family said...

I love your pictures. You have skillz too!

Missy said...

This photo is awesome. So great.

I want to copy & paste the line about getting them excited about what he likes. Devin doesn't that too. I want to hear ore about your labor story though!

Sallyseashell said...

You guys make a great tag team! You have the cutest, little family!