Saturday, May 7

7 month lola

i have decided everyone needs a lola in their life.  she is only 7 months and yet she brings soooo much happiness with her.  everything is smile worthy, she is pretty much always happy, and i think i want to clone her.  100 little lola's running around.  it may get crazy when she turns 2 but the baby version is awesome.
this last month:
*she has a fake cough, as well as a fake laugh.
*i started clicking my tongue one day and she did it back- it's like the african tongue click language.
*turns out those kisses i talked about at 6 months are more of bites.  she's gonna be a biter- ivy may have to learn about "personal space" once lola gets teeth.
*she is too lazy to crawl or work to get things. if something gets away from her she just finds something else to amuse her.
*rocks back and forth all the time. it's funny when she is sitting cause she will get going so much that she tips over. she does it when she is sitting on my lap and head-buts my collar bone or shell necklace often. and even does it when she is laying down- which results in her head bonking the floor.  it is pretty funny.
*the girl has found her toes and likes to suck on them- is it funny to anyone else when babies "find parts of their bodies? is it like they just didnt have them before?
*just like the rest of us in this household she is very polite- she crosses her legs when she eats.
*her little feet are always moving.  always.  yesterday we went for a run and i didn't hear a peep out of her the whole time but her little feet never stopped moving.  it looked like she was doing "alphabets" like you do in physical therapy for an ankle injury.
*a few weeks ago she took her first wave with luke at sunset.  we will pretend that she loved it, but she might have been crying since luke was sort of laying on her.
*the girl loves stuffed animals
*and she thinks she is one of the gang... i mean she is, but it's so funny that she just joins in with everyone.  like in the car when it's really noisy or we are singing she starts singing along too.  and with velz and ivy the louder the better, she loves it.


nancy said...

i agree that everyone needs a little lola in their lives. i'm glad i at least have this blog to look at and get a little dose of lola. do you guys skype? cause i think we should. or facetime? anyways, happy mother's day. you're my inspiration. if you can so it, i can. so keep on doing in it, and i'll be right behind. wait a minute, that sounded dirty. ha. love you!!

Aubrey Jane said...

Lola is darling! No teeth yet - that's lucky! You guys have had a lot of fun lately. Love Velzy's cheeks! I am only a few years away from having a teenage girl and I'm not looking forward to it either. But I do wonder if jumping on the trampoline together will still solve a few of life's problems when they are teens. It just might.

stephanie joy said...

She is so precious! I love the Ivy- personal space comment. Ambrose still needs to learn that lesson with Asher. I'll go tell him to BITE more!!!

Da Denninghoff's said...

So adorable! Such a fun age. You do so well documenting. I need to get on the ball. Thank you for inspiring me. Can't wait to see yah:)

mahina said...

that is one dang cute baby!!

Megan and Keli'i said...

She's is too damn adorable. Seriously, her eyes kill me. Gorgeous.