Tuesday, April 19

image pile up

a detour after a run last week, back tracking and forward tracking for 20 minutes to find these weed flowers.  so worth it, look how happy the kid was.

our stained glass creations:

our neighbors poor car- parked in front of our house when hit.  so sad.

i have no pictures of lola and me (ahem.  luke...) so i really like this one.  it could be anyone holding her, but it's not, it's me.  she looks so peaceful. 

lola's new babysitter:

don't tell andy davis that i copied his art for my wall
(i have a shirt with this on it. when i was pregnant with lola, ivy pointed out that it was our family and assigned each girl in our family to one of the girls on the shirt.  i wanted to get a print and andy davis said he didn't have a print but would make me one- for $500.  i decided to make my own.)

mmmmilk.  (grams, you will be happy to know it was chocolate)

crazy little girls
 and this is for grandma. this is from a few weeks ago, they are obviously way more advanced now.  pretty much almost olympic swimmers.


nancy said...

i love ivy's worn stick on tatoo. a must for any child, any age. crazy about your neighbors car.....looks like it got hit super hard! drunk driver? bummer.

chanel said...

B&W: best pict ever and i dont believe she looks that peaceful with ANYone else.

diy- save 500 bucks- good call- looks awesome!

what the heck are they swimming in?

Smiths said...

I love image pile up blogs, but don't even know where to start to comment. What a great life.

stephanie joy said...

I can attest to the olympian-ness. They are amazing! I love the image pile-ups too. You guys have such a beautiful life. Oh and the Gidgets turned out so great!