Saturday, April 30

the 4 year old

ivy maluhia.  this kid knows how to have a birthday.  over a month ago she had a lil un-birthday celebration with my parents.

and yes those are sirloin burgers in plastic wrappers- the chosen diner by the un-birthday girl.  we are classy like that. thank you costco samples for making good foods taste great.

on her real birthday we had breakfast at hukilau cafe. tradition.

that weekend we meet up with some of luke's co-workers and went to the zoo for an after hours tour and told her it was for her birthday.
no pictures. sorry. it was cool though.

and then, she had to have a friends party- because your not really a year older untill you have has a party.  so we got out the broken slip-n-slide, ate some hot dogs, threw some water balloons, had everyone blow out the candles, jumped on the wet trampoline and demolished 6 lbs of gummy bears.  it was a good time.

ivy was so looking forward to her whale party and then when all her friends did come over she got real quite.  it's so funny how she loves attention- but when she is given all the attention she doesn't want it.  she wouldn't blow out her candles and snuck all her presents inside and opened them all up on her own. she is such a funny little person.

now the month of april and her birthday is officially over. i have taken notes and expect the whole month of november to be dedicated to me and my birthday- which just so happens to be on 11-11-11 this year.


Mariko said...

Dang it. I'm super bummed we missed it. I was in Utah and Jake had already planned on taking Amaya camping that day. Can we do a redo?

Oh, and that cute bikini Ivy is wearing in the newest post-- HOT stuff! So cute.

AJ said...

that cake is super crazy awesome.

liko said...

super uber bummed we missed it. looks like a fun time, as always!