Tuesday, November 23


*the temple re-dedication was awesome.  i was reminded that i need to re-dedicate myself to doing lots of things.
*it's fun having adam around here.
*did my first coffin on a wave today, it was awesome. thank you castles for being playful.
*i have been trying to do some kickboxing- i am out of shape.  working out & boobs don't mix well.
*ivy has had an accident every evening (in the bathroom) for the last 3 nights.  what is that about?
*lola's little laughs are sooo cute.
*lola needs to remember how great last week was when she took good naps.
*velzy is learning how to read, it's awesome and i am so proud of her.  it is like the light switch as gone on and she is starting to get it all figured out.
*every day i am reminded how much i have to be thankful for.  so much.
*i am going to try to get christmas shopping done soon. it sucks having to drive to town to do it though.
*ivy has (hopefully) inherited luke's teeth- no cavities for her yesterday.  and velz got a few more fillings.  and luke is the best for taking them to their appointments so i didn't have to.
*some random girl loaded all my groceries into the truck today while i changed lola's diaper that had been leaking for the last 20 min.  it was soooo nice.  it made me want to do more nice things for others.
*for my birthday i got a phil and ted's stroller (thanks craigslist) that i am super pumped on, and i have not even used it yet.
*i have tons on my to do list and yet here i sit with a computer on my lap.  i hate how it sucks you in.
*pumpkin cookies are too good. i can't even remember how many i ate today.

and i just found this post from a few weeks ago that i never published, so here it is:
-grambo left this morning.  honestly, i woke with knot in my stomach thinking what the day may bring.  she had been here 2 1/2 weeks and i was used to being lazy!  but it was a good day.
-lola went to her first surf contest- the finals of the sunset HIC pro.
-ivy loves her uncle adam. a lot.
-we feed the horses that are on the side of the road, they were so pretty.
-apple rules for fixing my computer.
-i get to surf next week! it's been too long, i am a whitie.
-lola is so super cute.  i love the way velzy and ivy talk to her.  they get these sweet little voices and it's so cute what they say.
-luke is one amazing dad. and he is so good with lola.  i can't thank him enough for being him. he stayed home for 3 weeks when lola was born to surf and get things done around the house- i mean help me.  and he really was a great help.
-velzy's last soccer game was so funny, i think they forgot how to play.  but velz is an awesome little defender!
-ivy has a split personality- the girl i hang with all day while the kids are at school the sweet, fun, little buddy ivy.  and then there is the bossy hold her own with the big kids don't listen to what anyone says as soon as the kids get home from school ivy.  it's amazing how she changes so fast.
-most kids ask to watch cartoons- not ivy.  she wants to watch madonna, cindy lauper, and the bangles music videos on youtube.  she wants to be madonna from the material girl video when she gets older.
-velzy is getting pretty good at reading "max sits on the cat"  she gets so happy when she learns something new.  and i need to learn to be more patient.  i went to my first parent teacher conference (am i old enough to do that?  guess i am, but it's weird).  her teacher had so many good things to say about her.  i know she is a good kid, but it's so cool to hear other people tell you that, makes me feel good- but i know i can't take any credit, she is just her.
-adam, my kid brother, got here on halloween and will be here for a few months being a surf photog.  i can't wait to see the pictures he will take.


Smiths said...

I miss the getting life back after baby motivation. Let's hope it's contagious.

Nancy said...

I hear ya about wishing lola would remember last week...last week van slept through the night...like all the way through. i mean, i would still get up at 330am like clockwork but he would still be sawing logs...this week, he forgot how to do it,,,,and amen about boobs and working out not mixing. i never thought i'd miss my little guys, but i do. wish van could dip his feet in the ocean with his pal lola but until then i give him baths almost everything and let him float around forever...he loves it. i love you!! so fun to be moms together...

The Trotter Family said...

I'm so glad someone else realizes what a pain in the butt boobs are when it comes to working out. Don't even try to go golfing!

i. bloggit said...

i started reading your post and had to go find out what a coffin is on youtube, neat

a rekindled mantra for me these days, "it's better to be surfing than sitting on the beach." that's what i always told myself as a surfer having more fun than skill, now just a metaphor - but next time i come back can i (1) borrow one of your old longboards to take to puena point and (2) make sure there is an aloha friday at the beach scheduled?