Wednesday, November 17

i am not really on top of my game these days.  i do dumb stuff. a lot.  well, i always do dumb stuff but i have been doing a lot more dumb stuff since baby entered the picture.  turns out having another little human to think about eats up even more of your brian.  who knew?
today i decided to try out the cloth diapers i got a few months back.  knowing that they are not as absorbent as the diapers i am used to, i forgot to change her before putting her down for a nap.  i think i was just so happy that she was so snugly and ready for a nap that i put her down without thinking.
she woke up looking like this:
and i am pretty sure the diaper is a tad too big.  it looks like it is eating her.
ivy just saw this picture and said "wow look at that big blow out! she is so cute, i love her!"

either way, lola is rad and today was a good day.  last week was a struggle, i won't lie.  and although there are lots of moments of chaos around here, i think i am getting her figured out a bit more everyday.  she likes to be at home and sleep in her crib- not her car seat.  she is a happier baby when she has had lots of good sleep, which makes for a happier ashley.  it is hard to stay at home and i find myself not doing lots of things i would normally do because she is sleeping or in need of a nap,  but i figure she is only going to be little for a little while and i am willing to put in my time at home for her sake.  plus, if she is not rested it's not happy time for anyone.  and, luckily luke is rad too and he is willing to hang with the girls so i can get to go surfing a few times a week.  
are you sick of pictures from this angle yet?  i need to expand my baby photo horizons. i was trying to catch her little smile but was a bit late. i will work on that too.


Megan and Keli'i said...

First of all, could Lola get any cuter? No, I say! No way! Second of all, could I be a worse friend? I haven't seen you since you were in the hospital! I am recommitting. I'm gonna stop by either today or tomorrow, whether you like it or not. I gotta hold that cute Lola and hear all about you. Love you, girl.

Da Denninghoff's said...

wow Ashley! Did you make those bumpers? Very cute!

liko said...

coming over. promise.
and yeah, did you sew that bumper?? i'm betting you did, you. teach me how!

and that's funny but not, about the leaking diapers. cloth diapers rule!!

mahina said...

wow! love that leaky diaper picture!! awesome!

it takes a little while to adjust to that third baby, but you'll get it figured out in no time!!

chanel said...

i promise it gets sooooo much better! this post made me go back and read my posts from a couple months ago and i am a completely different person/mom than I was then, cause the lil peanut is so much bigger and easier. just keep holding on, and it pays off. it helps she is so dang darling!!!
thats wet diaper picture is funny! awesome bumper too.

stephanie joy said...

she is adorable and i am constantly amazed at how "together" you always seem... gives me a glimmer of hope for my future... you have always been a tough dame ash. i admire you and all you do. and that shi shi picture made me laugh out loud. too funny and yet, still cute.

Rhitzclan said...

Wow- cloth diapers??? Very impressive.