Wednesday, November 10


apparently i have a 12 year old:

the girls were "the runaways" for trunk or treat at church.  velzy got really into dressing up and all ivy wanted to do was wear a shrit that she wore when she was 1 and have her hair colored.

ivy girl loves to pose. and wear maskera :


ivy was alice in wonderland.  (her sweet a dress was made by my mom i a matter of hours.  she rules.)  velz was the white rabbit.  and luke was a lumber jack.  he looked hot with dirt smeared on his face, that is missing from the picture though... and wish i was cool enough to have seen these guys ham it up for the camera all dressed up in real life but i was down and out with the flu that night.  although having the flu sucked, it did help my resolve to not eat any halloween candy.  luckily, the pictures are pretty funny and i can pretend i was not curled up in a ball on my bed.

P.S.  anyone done babywise?  opinions?  just ordered the book...


echo said...

love your girls!
velzy really does look 12! so pretty and so sassy.

Nancy said...

Velz looks like Cindy Lauper in that first pic...HOT. Bummer to have the flu on Halloween. But good point about that candy. I think I gained back my baby weight that night.

liko said...

love it!! the 'tude in the pictures = classic.
sorry to hear you were down and out. it was nice seeing you for a teeny bit tuesday. i'll take what i can get these days!!

chanel said...

wow you guys always know how to dress up! your girls are hilarious! yeah, i wish i had an excuse to not eat their candy, it was depressing what i did!
i know my friend LOVES babywise.
I read it and couldn't do it. I did like the pattern of wake-eat-play-sleep and that helps enough, but im a sucker for a crying baby and won't let them cry it out until they're like one. and by the way this means i nor any of my children have slept through the night in approximately 7 years. yay me. ;(

heidi said...

velzy does look like a little teenie bopper!! i love the posing--my boys are running away from the camera right now.
babywised all 3 dudes to a certain extent. it has given me a lot of peace of mind and predictability which helps especially when you have other rugrats to take care of! and when you get it--they can go to sleep without crying at all (majority of time).

Meg said...

I am interested in babywise as well, let me know what you learn. I used Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child for Indie and she has been a great sleeper since 4 months. I have been slacking with Tosh. After Thanksgiving its on.

Aaron and Meg said...

Velzy's first picture is hot! So funny.

No experience with Babywise, but I'm in love with Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.

stephanie joy said...

great costumes all around! the runaways is so awesome- although thomas and i watched the movie and i feel like taking a shower and talking to my bishop for just admitting that... haha!

i read babywise and didn't do it because my boys just wanted to eat and sleep when they wanted to eat and sleep so i let them. self-help books always make me feel like a failure or like i suck. :) sometimes i learn good tips here and there from them though. it just seemed like the first year flew by with both boys i didn't have time to stress over the "program" and then it was all over. and then my kids cry it out and learn to sleep through the night.

every babe is different so maybe this will be perfect for little miss lola.

Melissa said...

these are classic! love it!