Monday, August 9

mondays numbers

1- millipede caught (velzy's new best friend)
1- plate broken (not even mad because ivy was trying to help clean up her lunch and happened to throw it into the sink)
2- super girl capes finished
2- orange dream popsicles eaten
3- o'clock- dinner was already made
4- loads of laundry- washed, folded, put away
7- cute kids at the park- darla, dexter, indie, tosh, gabriella, velzy and ivy
9- coloring books picked up and put away in a new organized place
15- laps swam before the pool closed
46- (give or take a few) water balloons made and thrown
83- minutes talked to my mom on the phone this afternoon

i have been really really unproductive lately. in a slump. wasting time. not feeling myself. and a tad on the grumpy side with the ones i love. so i am hoping that today was the beginning of being a productive happier me. it may (totally) have to to with exercising. when i don't do it i turn into a beast, and i have not done much the last few weeks. but i got a alumni pass and can swim at the byu-h pool in the evenings now. i have only gone twice so far but it's really nice. and i am pretty sure look awesome swimming with a rashguard over my big belly since i don't have a bathing suit that covers it. either way, it's so fun to swim. and so fun to start being productive again... but we will see how long that lasts.


liko said...

those are some good numbers.

here's to things looking up.

Leisa Tapia said...

Good luck getting out of the funk!
You seriously did a ton today!! my husband would pass out if I did all that, and I'm not even cute and pregers like you!

ditto liko- here's to things looking up :)

mahina said...

i totally understand the exercise thing! i cannot wait until the girls start school next week so i can begin consistently going to the gym again! summer schedule is just too crazy for any routine and i don't want to stick the kids in the childcare at the gym during summer! so, we are spending a lot of pool time at the gym TOGETHER! i need to go get a new large size speedo so i can get back into the pool for laps! i just can't squeeze my HUGE belly into mine anymore!

Damaris said...

I did a Spinning class today at the Gym. I feel so much better when I work out. I can't really feel my legs though, which is kindda scary.

Smiths said...

FOR REALS! I'm weeks away from exercising post pregnancy and am so looking forward to it. It's more than fitness, it's me time and theraputic. I have to say, you sound pretty darn productive in that countdown.

Megan and Keli'i said...

That's a whole lot of productive stuff going on at the Moffat household...that sentence didn't make sense at all, but hmmmm....I'm rambling.

I turn into a beast if I don't exercise too. Come over...we can beasts together...! And please call me to work out at the pool with you! It'll be like those 5am sessions we used to do when we were 18.

The Trotter Family said...

Sounds like you are pretty productive to me! You are allowed to be a little lazy since you are pregnant with number three and have two others to look after. Take it easy!