Monday, August 16

the girls

found an old post that i started to write a few months ago and thought i should post it...

velzy- she is a big sweetheart- she loves to snuggle and gives the bestest hugs. she loves to be around people, and says the nicest things "mom, you are the best mom ever!" she loves to learn and always asking what things mean or how they work wanting to understand it all. she is fun, she has the best laugh and loves to have a good time. she is a great runner, those long legs will get her places. she is independent- always wants to go her own route and meet me places. she is a good big sister- she always saves stuff for ivy to share, like her candy, who does that? she loves her family so so much.
(wish i felt this small in the belly area and cute these days...)

and adding more, for my memories sake: when she finishes the roll of toilet paper she gets out a new one and puts it up. then takes out the bathroom trash. she is a jem. she does the funniest doggie paddle but can hold her own out in the water. i love when she has on her soccer cleats and runs around the back yard kicking the soccer ball around. her memory is amazing. she has been a tad but emotional lately and can be a tattle-tell. this morning when she came into our room she lifted up my shirt and asked "how is baby doing this morning?" and almost everyday she reminds me that "your stomach is so big and it just keeps on growing." she loves bugs and animals.

backseat driver
"and when she was good she was very very good and when she was bad she was horrid."
i don't know what nursery rhyme that is, but it may have been written about ivy. actually, she is a pretty good kid, she just has this listening problem. and this "i like to inflict pain on my sister" problem. and this whining problem. but she also has the cutest smile ever. her face always gets sunburned, no matter how much sunscreen she puts on. she is fearless in the ocean and the smile that lights up her whole face when you play with her in the water is one of my favorite things in the universe. she loves to sing to herself and is always talking to "someone" even when she is by herself. she hates to talk on the phone but will pick up phones or random objects and have pretend conversations that are hysterical. it surprises me daily how smart she is, as well as how grown up she can be. but she still loves to play the baby role too, her baby talk drives me crazy. she is a collector and loves little pieces of paper and organizing them.

love my little girls!


echo said...

your girls win the prize for cutest girls EVER! we just love them.

liko said...

lovely post and photos!

and you look lovely now, too.

you do.

mahina said...

i love velzy's hair, so cute! i should have been blessed with 4 boys b/c my hair fixin' skills are very lacking!

ivy sounds a lot like our little kawena! she is the sweetest thing, but man does she have a horrid side that seems to be showing itself a lot lately. "it's just a phase" i tell myself and then i pray that it's true!!

your girls are adorable!

Megan and Keli'i said...

Man, you are one smokin' hot momma, Ash! That photo of you and Velzy is awesome. I love it. And I love Velz's hair too...come and teach me please. thank you. :)

Meg said...

I noticed that sharing candy thing about Velzy. I have been very impressed by it! I know I have hard time sharing candy. There was a bag of fruit snacks at the beach the other day, and there was only one left, and Velzy gave it to Ivy! Soooo sweet. Indie needs to learn a thing or two from her!

lauren said...

i LOVED this post. i love the pics of the girls! and in that pic of you and gagster you look so much like darbo! weird? miss your buns and baby belly.

Rhitzclan said...

Ashley, you are such a great mom-catching those regular, but not often thought "monumental" moments in a tender blog about your girls. I loved it! AND I have a book with that nursery rhyme in it- haha. I'll have to show it to you!

Melissa said...

Love these pics! Cute cute!