Friday, August 27

fabulous flatness

the next 7 days surf forecast:

flat flat flat

i never thought i would be thankful for a flat ocean. i have been feeling a little on the bummed side cause i can't surf and run and jump and do a lot of the things i like to do cause there is a soccerball baby in my belly. not that i am complaining, but somedays i just want to sprint down the street or go paddle around, i need to do things like that to feel myself. so, i am pretty sure if there was surf right now i would cry.

here's to a flat ocean and a great weekend ahead to enjoy it with the ones i love!


Heather said...

at least you HAVE an ocean.

-heather in utah.

ashley said...

i know, right?
i am sorry!
i did say i wasn't complaining ;)

liko said...

woohoo!! shark's cove cave diving!!!

mahina said...

i feel the same as you do. not about the waves, but just how i wish i could run, or even walk without waddling!! lol!

and i have to second heathers comment! at least you have an ocean!! :0)

j,d and little b said...

I think the same thing Liko!! Perfect for some cave exploring!!

chanel said...

UMM, sorry to let you know but soccer ball babies are way easier then the ones that actually come out. the human babies always want your boob, like ALWAYS and then there is this desire to hold them and stare at their awesomeness, its rough. hope that ocean is flat as a pancake come oct/nov!

Melissa said...

Enjoy the flatness! and I know exactly how you feel, that is THE reason I do not like being pregnant.
Just wait for the weeks after delivery when you have to sit on the sand, and watch everyone else cool off in the perfect blue water! At least it won't be summer anymore when you deliver!

Meg said...

I wish there were waves in this forecast, but I am happy for your sake there aren't.