Friday, July 30

slightly obsessed

tea party

at 6:46 this morning ivy was already bugging me to go play with gabriella- or "grab-re-lel-a" as she says it. if velzy and ivy are not with hunter and gabriella (our neighbors, their newest best friends) and we are at home and they are at home, you can be they are trying to find a way to get to play with them. they yell at each other from the decks on our houses, barge into each others homes, catch lizards, play baby, watch t.v. together... and are pretty much obsessed with each other.
the two other girls in the picture live two houses down from us- kristina and kewala. they are the sweetest girls/best kid occupiers around. there are days when velzy and ivy play with them underneath the empty house nextdoor to us (where they are in this picture) and i don't see them for a good hour and a half. it's awesome. you would think i would use this new found "alone time" time to be more productive, but i am a slacker.


Erika said...

Nice! I look forward to the day when I can trust sending my kids out to play with neighbor kids for hours...but I guess we'll have to move before we can do that. Enjoy the relaxation time!

Megan and Keli'i said...

Hooray for nice neighborhood kids!

Anna K. said...

I love how the boy has ninja turtles. I used to beg my brother to play barbies with me, and he would usually compromise if his Turtles were involved. Ha!

Melissa said...

What a sweet set up! Velzy and Hunter are going to get married some day! Lol

Smiths said...

Everyone needs a best friend. That's awesome that they happen to live next door. Fun times.
Speaking of fun times, I love love love ward camp out memories. I'm so glad you guys went.