Sunday, June 6

beach. eat. beach. eat. beach. eat.

beach. eat. and pretty much sums up the last 2 weeks while my mom and grandma were visiting. we had so so much fun with them- eating and beaching- and miss them!
since i have been lazy about getting out my camera lately, i got to steal their pictures before they left- thanks again, otherwise, i would not have any from their trip. (note to self: take more pictures, blog more)

playing on the sand cliff at sunset.

the last few weeks the girls and i have been meeting luke on north shore in the afternoons when he is on his way home from work. these are my favorite afternoons. luke and i take turns surfing and playing with the girls- we go on walks, climb rocks, swim, find shells, boogie board "surf" which the girls are getting good at- as long as there aren't really waves! and when there are not waves we meet up and the four of us play- and we are really good at playing at the beach. one of our favorite things to do is go to the "sand cliffs" and jump/roll down so the girls were really excited to show their grandma's the sand cliffs. we decided pictures don't do the cliffs justice, so we took some quick video

luke and i are also pretty good at digging holes in the sand. i love these pictures cause it's totally what happens every time we are at sunset- we dig and velz and ivy jump in.

and of course we had to introduce the grandma's to alligator pond- where velzy jumped off the rocks and swam all over the place like she owned it. if you could see her face, you would see her cheeks all puffed up and extreme concentration.
ivy got really into surfing on the boogie boards. she is so funny, takes it totally serious and has got some pretty good balance.

me and the birthday girl
my grandma and mom came out to visit and celebrate my grandmas birthday and we had quite the birthday day/night. started out with breakfast at mcdonalds, hanging out at alligator pond, a little birthday party at lunch, and we went out- just the big kids- to haleiwa joe's for dinner. they just happened to be celebrating their 10th anniversary and were handing out lei's, a free appetizer sample and t-shirt for each table. it was so, so good.
no pictures of the food, but in case you need a closer look at those desserts:

a happy birthday girl

and we spent quite a bit of quality time at turtle bay

although there are more pics, that pretty much sums it up. we had ourselves a grand old time playing with you grandma's, come back again soon!


echo said...

looks like you guys had a BLAST! i love when family comes to visit.

a mermaid said...

what awesome pictures! so much fun! mmmm and i love haleiwa joes.

Smiths said...

Fun times. That blog sums up what family time should be all about.

liko said...

you can surf the sand cliff things with a boogie too, my kids love that!!
and how fun to have the grandmas out here to play!!
and that totally looks like ivy on the right in your new header. is it??

Damaris said...

great pictures. Moms and grandmas are the best.

Sallyseashell said...

Sounds like a good time!

Lori said...

You are the cutest prego girl ever! Love it!

Autumn said...

Agree with Lori, adorable! I want to come play on your beach, fun!!!

Jill said...

What? Your prego? How did I miss that??? Is that true?
I love these pics and hope someday our kids can play together!

ice cream barrels said...

ha, my favoritist thing ever - bombing sand hills into waves!