Thursday, May 20

kona temple, 6 years ago, we- that being luke and i- were married.
which means i get to bug him to infinity and beyond.
lucky guy.
or at least i like to think so.
and i think myself a lucky girl too.

it's been an eventful six years
and all in all,
we are happy.
really happy.
and happy is good.


a mermaid said...

What a great picture of you guys lookin all young! Not that you look old now. Whatever. Ha! Happy six years!!!

Jen C. said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary.

Melissa said...

happy anniversary! hope you guys end up doing something fun tonight.

also your hair is SOOOOOO long in that picture! You guys look great! Almost as good as you look now! :)

liko said...

hahaha!!! congrats to the both of you!!! i'm sure you will do something awesome!!
(and come this saturday, me and doug can say the same thing!!)
so many anniversaries in may - SWEEEET!!!

echo said...

happy anni!

Damaris said...

congrats. I remember going to your wedding reception which means that pretty soon is my 6 year wedding anniverary

a mermaid said...

oh my gosh! please please bring your crafty mom!!!! that would be pure awesome!

Kristen said...

Happy anniversary!!!! WOO HOO! Will and I get to celebrate numero siete this year. holy guacamole.


Da Denninghoff's said...


Smiths said...

Well done. There need to be more happy married couples out there. Oh, and I love the poster. When I first saw it I thought tile, like for the bathroom or fridge or something. I don't know, but I like it also.

ice cream barrels said...

wow! six years....what is your secret? congrats!