Sunday, May 2

just dance

"momma, is lady gaga friends with taylor swift?" deep questions from a four year old.

velzy's 5 minute dance recital was friday- and that was after doing the "dancing poodles" routine twice. she has been doing this little ballet/jazz class for the last few months. i think she likes it, but not that much cause she doesn't want to do it again. which is fine with me. although, her string bean legs were really cute in leggings. soccer sign-ups are this month, i am sure her string bean legs will be just as cute with little mini shin-guards. ha, the thought of that just makes me laugh.

here are a few pics from her recital. i will try and get a video soon.


and the little sister who really really wanted to do dance class...


liko said...

adorable. and i'm sure she'll be an awesome little soccer player, too.

j,d and little b said...

So cute! I can't wait for all of that fun stuff!

Melissa said...

how fun! Where do you find out all this info for the classes? I need to put kaiya in a few classes.

echo said...

so CUTE!!
i feel your pain ivy. i had a big sister too and i was always 'too little' to do her stuff.
are there ANY activities around here for girls ivy and addy's age? i don't know of anything but adelaide really wants to do something.

Megan and Keli'i said...

They are dang cute little boogers. It'll be fun to see Velzy play soccer!

chanel said...

PRECIOUS! how great!

my 4 year old's deep question that you'll appreciate: are sharks friends with mermaids?

Brett, Cassie, Taylor & Jack said...

Where does she take ballet from? She's so cute!

Robyn said...

Oh my, I haven't left a comment in forever but I just have to tell you what gorgeous girls you have and those dance recital pictures are so dang cute! That picture of Velzy turned sideways punching her arm with her pink flower in her hair looks just like you! I love that she's the only blonde in her class!

I love those piggie cupcakes. I can't believe Ivy turned 3. That's crazy! Can't wait for your baby boy to come!! Yay!! Glad you are living life to the fullest and enjoying it so much! I love your life in Hawaii!! And I think you should definitely get that poster even if Luke doesn't like it! Hang it in your closet? It's perfect for you!