Friday, January 29

waimea falls

tuesday we meet up with some friends and walked up to the falls at waimea. it's so beautiful up there. while we were walking up i just kept thinking how lucky i am to live here and be surrounded by so much natural beauty.
the pool at the falls was a little cold but it was so nice. the kids had to wear life vests, which were actually quite nice it made swimming out to the falls a lot easier.

velzy, who loves to make faces for the camera these days, is the worlds best 4 year old walker. the kid can walk and walk and walk. it's awesome, not one complaint the 3/4 mile up or down. makes up for the fact that she was so bad sitting in the stroller when she was a lil tyke.

and ivy, she is really good at sitting on my shoulders. whole way up, most of the way down- not complaining, i like packing her around. she did get down and play for the last part of the walk down and right as we got back to the bottom she fell pretty good and skinned her knee. a nice lady happened to have a huge band-aid and neosporin in her fanny-pack and gave it to her. one of the sweet ladies that worked there gave ivy and velz peacock feathers (there are peacocks running around there) which helped the hysterical child calm down a bit.

and what is this? i am not sure, but i think its awesome.

the rain is pouring down right now. the sound of the rain is one of my favorites. can't wait to lay in bed and listen.
good night and have a great weekend!


liko said...

the last pic looks like lily pads...and that looks so fun - going hiking to and swimming at the falls.

aren't you glad to be back??

i see you just as often as when you were living up in cali...
NEVER!! someday soon, i hope.

liko said...

oh, and let me know when you wanna swap kickboxing sessions for massages. seriously.

a mermaid said...

i used to get to take that walk every month as part of my supervisions for work (one of the clients was in charge of carrying around that very first aid fanny pack you mentioned!) and i would think "this is my job??? and i get to live here???" how awesome that we get to live here and how awesome that you can remember to appreciate it so much.

also i love your photography so much. your kids are so well documented.

Megan and Keli'i said...

I haven't been on that hike in a million years. Looks beautiful, just like you and your kiddos.

PS- I too love the rain. Love it.

Ashley said...

I think I need to stop reading your blog during the winter because the difference between our lives right now is, well, just depressing. It is 12 degrees where I live right now. Booooooooo.

Valley Girl said...

dito to Ashley... the above comment.
Sometimes it hurts to see you enjoying sunshine while we still have none.

Did that woman and her fanny pack of prepared-ness make you want to cary a funny pack around too? I have to admit I am tempted to become that person...

Lori said...

Ahhh... I LOVE that hike up to the falls. It is beautiful! We swam in those same beautiful pools...So awesome! Your girls are precious! I love your pictures always too. Your blog is so artistic! :)

La said...

Ash I wore the headband you made (that I won!) to church yesterday and got so many compliments! So thanks for being cute and creative so I can look cute.

Melissa said...

okay so did you have to pay? Or is it just me who has to pay to get in there?

Kaiya LOVES that place and asks me to go back daily! She's trying to convince to go tomorrow but at 8 bucks, I'm thinking it will wait for a couple more months.

I love those big lily pads! I can't believe that they are just seedlings, isn't that cool? That means that the ones in the Amazon are bigger! that's crazy!