Thursday, January 7

so, i posted an aloha friday post earlier, but now i am realizing that my girls have little snot noses and coughs and maybe you don't want your kids to get sick so maybe we should just push aloha friday back to next week? thoughts?


.Ang. said...

Next week will probably work better. we've been sick at our place toO! and next friday is a FURLOUGH...I think..

Can't wait to reconnect!!


liko said...

my kids have the same thing. AGAIN.

Melissa said...

well I don't care about it, there are sick kids here all the time anyways. SO if you are still wanting to go, but only aren't going because of that then I say go still.

also we are probably going still because Kai really wants to, and it would be much more fun with our friends there!