Tuesday, December 29


* i am in love with velzy's salty curls when we get home from the beach:
salty curls

*back in high school when everyone and their moms and their grandmas went to see the movie Titanic, i didn't go and i still have not seen it. when every girl and a few boys from the age of 10-100 read the twilight books, i didn't. there are just some things that i choose not to do, for no reason really i just don't do them. for this reason of not having a reason, i have never been on facebook. till last week, i made myself an account so that i could keep my friend lauren as my friend. so, if your on there come find me, lets be cyber friends.

*there is a trampoline in the back yard here. velzy and ivy have not jumped on their beds since we got here, they are big fans of the trampoline. i love ivy's front teeth in this picture!
ivyjump vzjump

*there is a washing machine in the backyard that i love.

*i got sunburned really bad yesterday and grounded myself from the beach today but will be back tomorrow with sunscreen.

*the other night i slept with a bug and woke up with 27 bites on my upper thigh. it was not fun and i looked really funny when wearing a bathing suit. luckily, it's almost gone now.

*we finally got a picture of all our boards together, one big happy family:
all of our babies

*lovin these girls:

*tomorrow night at the byu-h dance studio there is a free turbo kickboxing class at 5. i am teaching it. it will be my first time teaching, which i learned last night as i practiced with some friends is a hell of a lot harder than it looks/sounds. so i am very nervous and should probably go practice some more right now.

*ivy= loudest human alive

*bought fireworks today- ready for new years!


stef j. said...

trampolines rock! sunburns don't.

love "after beach" hair.

i'm gonna be an attendee of your kickboxing class, assuming i can find a babysitter. SWEET!

wanna teach me how to surf this summer?

ivy's teeth are AWESOME! and have you heard addi? i think she'd win the loudest human award.

liko said...

lovin' her salty curls, too!!!

oh yeah, and i just joined facebook too. but you really should read twilight. just because. :-)

and your boards are all so nice to look at. the ones in our house are pretty beat-up.
so glad you're back.

and your turbo class will be rockin'. i will be there if i can make it!!

McLove said...

These pictures are awesome as usual. Love the salty curls. They are my favorite too. Good luck with your class. Wish I could come to it:)

Jennelle said...

Um ya...I swore I would never ever sign up for facebook because I think it's so stupid that people don't know how to pick up the phone anymore to talk to each other. BUT a few weeks ago I signed up for an account so me and Brady could chat a little while he is at school. I am hopeing it wasn't a mistake because now I have people from high school I don't even remember sending me friend requests. The biggest shocker....my Mom is on it...had no idea. What the heck. Anyway... Welcome to the dark side. P.s. Love the trampoline picture with ivys teeth...so funny. P.s.s. Sorry we never had a chance to get together. Sucks cause we never managed it Hawaii either. I'm lame. Moving and having baby really puts u out of commission. Lay in some nice warms sand for me please, after you unground yourself from the beach that is.

Damaris said...

I went long bording for the first time today in freezing cold NorCal water. I miss warm Hawaii.

That pic of your, the girls, and the boards is beautiful = inspiring

Kim and the Fam said...

turbo kickboxing?!?!? sounds fun I hope I can make it.

AJ said...

Good luck with your class!

Megan and Keli'i said...

I'm nervous for you! Teaching is scary, but you'll do awesome. Lovin' that you're back here.

chanel said...



Melissa said...

haha the trampoline picture is so funny!

Stephanie said...

LOVE your pics! Bella has little curls after swimming too! And i e-mailed you last night, did you get it?

a mermaid said...

dear ashley,

my arms are so sore i cannot move them and i blame (and praise) you for it. :)

i love so many things in this post but top of the list would have to be ivy's teeth in that trampoline picture!

good luck tonight! thomas has band practice so unless i find a babysitter i cannot come :(

and dont read twilight- you'll just be as love sick and obsessed as the rest of us. it's a disease. ok, do it.

love always,

stephanie r.

The Trotter Family said...

I have to say you are wrong about Ivy. She might be the second loudest...you need to meet my kids! I'm so jealous of your trampoline! Although people have warned me of how dangerous they are and I have even chipped a tooth on one, I want one so bad! They are so fun. Truthfully though, after having two kids, I can't jump like I used to since the bladder muscles just aren't the same. I know, TMI!

Smiths said...

You and I are more alike than I ever knew: I refused to have anything to do with Twighlight and was completely opposed to facebooking. Micah set up my facebook account about a month ago, and I watched the first twighlight a couple nights ago. I have come to terms with enjoying both of them. Change and openning my world can be good.

Anonymous said...

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katie speed said...

i will be back soon. then i will come to your class!

Autumn said...

Love the curls! I love when my hair is crunchy & salty after the beach! Love all the boards too, hopefully I will be over to ride them :)