Friday, November 6


*velzy's new fave face to make- rolled back eyes.
*and ivy...

(like mother and father and sister with that crack hanging out. it's a problem)

*i feel like we have been really busy doing lots of fun stuff- picnics at the park, going to the bounce zone, riding bikes, pulling the wagon around, and being with friends. i have lots of pictures i need to post.

*my mom came and hung out for 24 hours. in which we were able to make this:
merrick quilt front
also made it's coordinating backside. it's for my nephew and it's a little late (he will be 1 in december, hence the "toddler" size) but i am hoping it's been worth the wait. i love how it's turning out- the fabric is rad and it was fun. it will be quilted and done next week molly, promise!

*speaking of quilts, i am really into this blog right now. and her name is ashley, so she has to be cool, right?

* when my mom is around, the girls look cuter. she even managed to get ivy's hair into a crown:

*went to a super cute cowgirl birthday party today, velzy decorated the present and wrote her name out on her own for the first time- so cute!
gift giver

*b-day party tomorrow for mr deacon- more bounce house action!

*have not been emerged in salt water for a month. this is a problem also. pictures like this of my beloved churches are not helping. at all. (photo)
*i turn 27 next week

*luke is studying/creating a website/writing his thesis a lot. it's crunch time. he only has a few weeks left. i can't believe the year is almost over.

*direct quote from a lady sitting at the table next to us at in-n-out tonight:
"your girls are so cute. you need a boy. your girls are now fed, go home and put them to bed and get to work."
and as we were leaving:
"you know what your job is."

*i love people. i love people who say ridiculous things. i think i am going to start saying whatever is on my mind also. no more inner monologue for me- watch out folks.

*watched a super good movie tonight- charlie bartlett go rent it.

* that's all for now. good night.


liko said...


so are you 'getting to work' yet??

woohoo!! in about 5 weeks, we get to see your face in-person again!

i can't believe it's almost been a year. dang!

Greg and Diana said...

Your girls are so cute!! I love the commentary at In and gotta love it when people just say what they're thinking =) And you do need a boy...they are lots of fun =)

echo said...

hooray for coming back to hawaii!! we are all so excited to see you guys again. good job on the quilt. as usual it looks great.
happy birthday next week!!
i love the crowns. that was always my favorite hair do when i was little (when my hair was long enough. but for some reason i usually always had a boyish cut, but that is off subject, sorry) and now i try to get adelaide to do it too but she doesn't let me touch her hair often. i think i will show her these pics of velz and ivy and use some peer pressure. hehe.

lauren said...

I love this post.. Where to start..
1. My hair was always cuter when I "lived" with Dar also... She is the best braid maker.. I need some tips.
2. Love the quilt it turned out so cool. I need to make a boy one for Kody and might steal this pattern from you also.. White backround might be a bad idea for him though.. Maybe brown/green or something, but I love how the white makes yours "POP". Nice work friend.
3. Just give in and join facebook already I just posted pics of some projects I finished on there.
4. I love Ivy. Well and Velz too of corse. But seriously Ivy and those faces... I just want to kidnap her before you move.
5. Im sad your moving.
6. But Dave and I were talking last night about how fun it will be to come visit you. Like all the time.
7. What shall we do for your birthday? Did you call D Land yet? I have an idea... I wont post it for fear of making people jealous.
8. Maybe I should just call you instead of making the worlds longest comment.

Keli'i and Megan said...

Happy early birthday. And I agree, get to work! And that quilt rocks. Let's start a quilting club when you get back. Which brings me to my last comment, welcome home, friend. Welcome home. Soon enough, anyway.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i hardly know where to start this post is so great! i hope you got to work and also great work on the quilt! i love that website you linked because i have been obsessing over what bedspread to make or bu for our new room and had all but given up on making one but this post gave me lots to think about- lots and lots.

i better get to work.... quilting that is :)

Molly Malia said...

yay, i'm so excited! the quilt looks great! i think that i might just have to snuggle up with him from time to time so that i can use it with out any fussing!

i wish that i could be moving back home! so home sick these days... blah.

miss your guts and those growing chicas.

love you too brother!

Smiths said...

That quilt is amazing! Have I ever posted about the quilt I made for Taj before he was born? Well, there's a reason- suckville. It's falling apart and he's hardly used it. Well done Moffat.
I need to go in ocean too. Ugh.

Erika said...

Love that Velzy's favorite is yogurt and flax seed...oh, and she's looking SO grown up. How in the world does your mom do that hair. I can't get my girls to sit still for more than a minute. That quilt is GREAT...yet another reason I'm getting myself a sewing machine for Christmas. And, lastly, I love how that woman gave you an assignment for the evening. Too funny!

Melissa said...

whahahaha what on earth possess people to say such things!!

hope you did get to work tho cause I am ready for you to add a cute little boy to the mix too (my opinion counts right?)hahaha! jk

Mariko said...

That is a seriously gorgeous quilt. You'll have to show me how.

Amaya's going to Rainbow, which is completely un-academic, the way she likes it. It's just play time all day long, and I think it works out just fine. If you do want more academic, go to Bright Beginnings in Hauula (there's a waiting list), and it is cheaper. And you have to pack a lunch every day. I heard they also have HW. So you gots your choices.