Saturday, November 14


it's been a decade since i was at "home" for my birthday. and seeing as how there is a chance i may not be "home" again on my birthday for another decade this has been birthday week- a.k.a. leave my kids with my mom and others so i can play week.
monday- mom came to redlands and picked me and the girls up. poor luke had to stay here, he is in work work work mode.
tues- went to the dentist and got a crown- not really what i wanted to do during my birthweek- or any week for that matter- but it had to be done. then, went to an actual salon and got my haircut by an old friend from high school.
wed (actual birthday)- woke up to 27 mini donuts (tradition in the billings home- my dad always goes and gets donuts and makes them in the shape of how old we are) on top of 27 gatorades with candles. blew them out and only ate 2, promise.
birthday morning

quilted until lauren and i went to the glen ivy spa and for a day of relaxation (read: no kids). we got massages, had a yummy lunch, went in the hot tub, saline pool, mineral bath, mud bath, and more hot tubs. soooo nice.
a muddy birthday
came home to my favorite dinner (chinese chicken salad) with fam and both grandma's. then went to lauren's for a late craft night with some friends.
thursday- meet up with luke went to disneyland! got to do all the big kid rides we never get to go on. short lines, good times.
friday- came back to redlands. party over.
saturday- i like the drive to orange county so much i decided to go back for the afternoon. the billings fam went to the temple in newport- had way too much fun playing in the dressing rooms with my "aunts" am surprised they will let us all in there together- we are not the super reverent type.

there you have it. birthweek. it was busy, it was fun, it was memorable. and, i got a good feeling about this next year. gonna make it a good one.


Keli'i and Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Ash! You are amazing and such a great friend and totally deserve an awesome birthday! Wish I were there to take you to lunch minus keiki...looks like an awesome week!

The Deter's and Peach's together. said...

Happy Birthday. That is an awesome birth-week. You deserve it though!

lauren said...

Fun birth week.. glad I got to share it with you.. Sad that it might be the last time for a while that we celebrate on your actual b day... i dont want to think about you leaving...either does kai or kardiff... kardiff jibber jabbering about ivy all the time.... he will for sure miss her..

nicole said...

oh how i love birthweeks. it only comes once a year, might as well extend it! we are currently celebrating dan's birthweekend. happy birthday ash! i'm glad you had a great week!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

good gravy! spa, mini donuts, disneyland.....etc!!!!! this is the best week of our lives!!!! (im living through you... hence the "our") :)

liko said...

happy birthday, ash!!

sounds like a splendid week!!


Jamie Watson said...

Happy, Happy Birthday and Birthweek! I love what your dad does with the donuts.

Melissa said...

whoa you're a lucky lady! happy birthday!

Also I want see your haircut!

BOWDENS said...

Happy Birthday to you! I love that you celebrated all week. It really should be like that every year! Looks like fun and you deserve it!

echo said...

happy birthday!!! sounds like an awesome week!

echo said...

happy birthday!!! sounds like an awesome week!

Stephanie said...

Seriously...Spa day! Who do you think you are? We love you Ash, happy b-day! Cant believe my Hubby remembered before me?

La said...

the glen ivy is so great.
happy birthweek!

Erika said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like a fun birthweek...I'd especially love the spa day, but I'd take a grandma taking my girls for a week too!

.Ang. said...


Looks like you had lots of fun!!

I think I need a relaxing birthweek where I can just drop my kids off with my mom!!

missy said...

Happy Birthday Ash!! The 11th right?! You look AMAZING in a bikini and all covered in mud. You and seeing the two of you together.

Also LOVE doing birth week. I think I started mine today.

Kristen said...

HAPPY! BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry so late, I have ZERO blog stalking time anymore... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and the doughnuts and gatorade are genius. very rad tradition!