Wednesday, October 28

everyone else is doing it

going to the pumpkin patch that is. so i figured i better post some pics on the topic too.
barrel o pumpkins
man, i am really behind on my blogging. 2 weeks ago we tagged along with the demartini clan and visited their famlies pumpkin patch. it was magic. seriously, the coolest pumpkin patch i have been to, and i didn't even make it into the field to pick a pumpkin or into the corn maze. if ivy didn't have some funky bug (high temp, but acting like herself- i don't even get a mellow sick kid.) we would go tomorrow for sure. anyways, we had a lot of fun- of course we did, we got little stamps on our hands and got to do all the rides for free, saving us approximately $1,000. and it's always fun to see friends you don't get to see very often. i have been thinking a lot about how many great friends we have. so so many great people, with so many cool kids too. i love when velzy and ivy talk about geo, zeke, and lilikoi (and the fact that she drinks "best milk"), or when they talk about playing on the beach with taj and eden, or how they need to go to kaia and kardiff's house, or if anyone mentions FHE they start asking about the barney's.... you get my point, they remember everyone and love them, and that makes me happy.
oh, were we talking about the pumpkin patch? all of the sudden it's 12:30 and i need to go to bed. so, here are some pics:

slide, slide, slip-ity slide
run away deere
giddy up
black horsey!
feeding the goats
ivys choice
little people
naturally, none of them would look at me and i didn't get any other pics of all 4 of the kids, so here is proof they were all together. thanks demartiti's for hooking us up, we had so much fun!


Matti said...

Such fun photos. That squash around your neck is crazy.

The Grahams said...

Holy Cow... what a fun pumpkin patch! Was there anything not to do there? Looked like there was everything you can imagine!

Erika said...

What a FUN pumpkin patch...and FREE, you can't beat that! Seriously, why don't any of my friends have a family pumpkin patch/fall festival location? OH, and btw, Luke was was in the 40's a couple of weeks ago, SO weird! But, it's back into the 60's (although it was the 70's the day we went to Cox).

Keli'i and Megan said...

Great photos. I miss you guys.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Your pumpkin patch was so much cooler then the one we went to here. It was dusty, hot, and kinda depressing- but cool too I guess. :)

Anyway, BEAUTIFUL photos and yeah, the one around your neck is nuts. It kinda scared me for a second cuz I thought it was a snake.

Damaris said...

those boys are so cute I'm glad they're my family.

pk quick question what camera do you use?

McLove said...

These photos are amazing. The top one is so cool!